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The Queens of Distraction

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Last Week to Sign up at Special Rates: The Queens Clear Clutter!

Posted on October 27, 2014



The Queens of Distraction ADHD Awareness Month Special!



Do you want to:

  • Kick clutter to the curb?
  • See the surface of your tables again?
  • Get help getting started on your projects and start feeling good about yourself?

Come hang out with me in a secret, private room online with other women with ADD, who “get” your challenges and are there to offer support.

We meet throughout the week to get a handle on what is driving you CRAZY. It’s all about taking charge and finally making that decision to dive in. Be a part of this special group- we hold each other accountable but with compassion and understanding. Because we “get” it- we live it!

Imagine a place where you could be yourself. A place with accountability and support. A place where you don’t have to hide or feel ashamed of your ADHD habits. A place that celebrates the best in you and that helps you deal with the worst. That place is Terry Matlen’s Queens of Distraction Group! There, you will find encouragement and understanding along with the needed accountability. It is nice to not feel so alone with this thing called ADHD! 

- Paula 

Come connect with other women with ADHD and feel safe, accepted and understood.
 Register today HERE  and feel the relief of getting your life back under control. But hurry! Special rates end October 31!

Welcome home!

ADHD Awareness Expo Starts NOW through Nov 1. Listen to my session!

Posted on October 26, 2014

The 5th annual ADHD Awareness Expo is being held the week of October 26th through November 1st and the best part about it is that there’s no travel required. That’s right – it’s held virtually, so all you need to do is grab a comfortable seat at your computer and explore all the ADHD products, services and options available to you.

Some of the top ADHD experts in the country will be sharing information via short videos, plus there’s an exhibit hall with even more information and resources. I’ll be there! You can watch my session on Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 1pm, where I’ll be sharing some secret tips on how to handle stress when you have ADHD. Plus, all session attendees will receive a free gift!  Mine is a secret, but I think you’ll like it.

The Expo is such a great opportunity to gather information, find out more and simply interact with the ADHD community – did I mention attendance is free? That’s right, all of this information, at your fingertips, from the comfort of your own home – free.

I’d love to “see” you there! Just follow the link to register and claim your free spot to attend:

Watch my Webinar: “How Women With ADHD Can Conquer Chaos, Find Focus, And Get More Done!”

Posted on October 25, 2014



On Oct 22, 2014, I hosted a webinar and Q/A: The Queen of Distraction:  “How Women With ADHD Can Conquer Chaos, Find Focus, And Get More Done!” I shared real tips on how to stay focused and get organized (and more)…and fielded GREAT questions from the audience. Nearly 300 signed up for the event and it was a blast!

If you missed the live event, you can watch it HERE.   Two lucky attendees won copies of my book, “The Queen of Distraction“. Check back here soon and find out who the lucky winners are. Or subscribe to my newsletter HERE - where the winners will also be posted shortly.

Didn’t win? You can order the book on Amazon HERE.

Stay tuned for more contests!