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I Read the News Today, Oh Boy

Posted on July 27, 2016

Beatles for Newsletter


There have been some excellent articles published recently that I’d like to share with you today, plus a surprise or two. Keep reading.  


1. often interviews me for their ADD related pieces. Check out this new article, “Adult ADHD: 5 Tips for Managing Technology So It Doesn’t Manage You”, by Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S. If you’re looking for apps to help tame your ADHD, you’ll find em’ in this article. Read it HERE.

2. ‘I Thought I Was Stupid’: The Hidden Struggle for Women with ADHD, by Maria Yagoda is extremely interesting. Maria attended Sari Solden’s and Dr. Michelle Frank’s recent ADHD Women’s Fest that was held near Ann Arbor, Michigan. What I like is how vulnerable she allowed herself to be, sharing some very personal feelings she’s had about her own life with ADHD. Read it HERE.  

** For those of you in the Ann Arbor area, Sari and Michelle are offering a 2nd event- a 3 – hour workshop- on August 6. It’sa chance to reconnect, rebuild and reflect on experiences shared by women with ADHD. Renew your commitment to living well and empowered with ADHD in a comfortable, intimate setting. This is a small, intimate event with very limited space, so register today HERE.  


And before I lose your attention- keep your eyes open for a big announcement from me. I’m launching a brand new service….well…actually, I’m re-launching a new and improved program called ADD SOS. Here are some secret tidbits to keep you waiting with baited breath for the details:  

  • They will be impulsive, er…spontaneous one of a kind, one- hour sessions. You’ll not always know when they will pop up (sort of like Pokémon Go). So watch for emails and messages from me (best to like my Facebook page at )
  • They will be fun!
  • You will get things DONE- with ME. (Hint: Sick of your cluttered purse?)
  • Best of all, they will be so affordable, you will laugh in my face.

  (Stay tuned)


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Terry’s Favorite Picks for ADHD

Posted on July 09, 2016



Last week was rough at the Matlen residence. My sweet mother, who turns 89 next month, had emergency surgery. She came through it just fine, thank goodness. But I’m not sure I did. The stress of worrying about her, managing her care in the hospital, keeping her calm, all while making sure her little dog was cared for….and running my own household with a daughter who needs constant supervision…was tough!

So to practice what I preach, I am taking some days off to take care of me. I’m at our little lake house in Canada doing absolutely nothing (well, I’m writing this!), so today’s newsletter is brief (maybe you like it that way!!).

I’ve decided to share some products and services that I think are helpful for women with ADHD. For full disclosure, I do earn a tiny commission via Amazon for things I post here. Enough for a few cups of coffee. And I don’t drink coffee. 

Hope you find these things useful to you.


 Big Skinny Wallet 


I have owned this wallet for at least 5 years and it’s still holding up perfectly. It holds tons of cards, bills, change and still folds flat. I don’t know how, but it does! Choose your color.

Check it out HERE.



Birthday Date Lock



Afraid you’ll forget your combo? Simple! Use your birthday!

Check it out HERE


Smart Shaker Bed Alarm


Can’t wake up in the morning? Place this under your pillow, set your Smart phone and it’ll shake you awake.

Check it out HERE


  Tile: Track your Stuff!



Attach Tile to anything you’re apt to misplace and locate it via your smart phone.

Check it out HERE



Divider Sticky Notes

Divider Sticky Notes

Great for planners, textbooks, summer reading and more.

Check it out HERE



Boogie Board LCD Tablet


Used in the Matlen house for notes and phone messages. When you’re done, just push a button and it erases itself!

Check it out HERE


Desk Organizer



Ready to get your desk in order? This fits the bill!

Check it out HERE



 Ladder of Years, by Anne Tyler


Ever fantasize about running away from it all and starting a new life in a new town? One of my favorites by this author.

Check it out HERE

The Queens of Distraction (online group coaching with me, Terry Matlen)


Terry 3 Queens



 Join me and the other Queens of Distraction online in a private, secret room where we Get Things Done!

Take 10: ADHD and Making Choices

Posted on June 26, 2016


We have a little lake house in Canada where we spend many of our summer weekends. It’s small, quaint and comfortable, with a stellar view of Lake Huron. Over the years, we’ve kayaked, fished, lit fireworks, and have enjoyed many bonfires. Not far is a large national park with gorgeous hiking paths. We look forward to our weekends up here, except for one thing:

We live next door to a hoarder. 

We didn’t know it at the time we purchased our little wooden piece of paradise, because way back then, his front and back yards were fairly tidy. The man who lives there was kept in check because it was his parents’ summer home and he only came up on weekends. But once they passed away- his mother, about 8 years ago- he moved in full time and the property has become a dumping ground of every imaginable portable object. We’ve seen large boat carcasses anchored in his front yard- on land- his own private party boats. 

Discarded truck beds, swing sets (he lives alone), huge tents (empty), stacks of wooden planks, orphaned windows and who knows what….greet us every time we pull up our drive. 

I’m a psychotherapist. I know that this man has a psychiatric illness. 

The current DSM lists hoarding disorder as both a mental disability and a possible symptom for OCD.” (Wikipedia) 

Why am I writing about this? Well, I’m at our lake house right now and this week, the view next door is about the worst we’ve seen in a long time. Yes, we have gently discussed the problem with our neighbor, and he has tried twice in 15 years to remove the eyesore. But within a month or so, it all returns. It’s just different “stuff.”

I have some choices in how to deal with this. I can drive up every weekend and feel the aggravation pumping through my veins. I can focus on the mess next to me instead of the beautiful view in front of me. I can call the city authorities and complain. I can continue to request that my neighbor clear out his yards.

Deep down, I know that none of these will work. So I’m going to do my best to ignore the mess and enjoy Lake Huron and the wide blue sky, instead.

You have choices, too. 

I’m often asked: where do I start with this pile/mess/report/chore, etc? People with ADD often get completely overwhelmed with this and end up shutting down without even starting. Many times I hear women with ADD say there’s so much stuff, that they’d never get it all cleared away.

Like my neighbor the hoarder, we with ADD often feel that no matter how much we try, things will just reappear in days (or hours): paper, bills, toys, laundry. So why even try? Instead, we walk out of the room and take a nap. Or fall into a self-hating mode, which for some can lead into a spiraling depression.

The answer, in part, is to stop looking for perfection. If you expect your house, your desk, your pantry to look like everyone else’s, you’re in for total self-defeat. 

What you want is to just start. Start with filing 10 pieces of paper sitting on your desk. Or make that phone call you’ve been avoiding. Or set up your children’s dental appointments. Just start.

And you just might surprise yourself that once you start; you’ll keep on going until the basket of clean clothes is put away. 

Can you choose one chore you’ve been avoiding – right now- and work on it for 10 minutes? If you’re brave enough, I’d love to see what you’ve chosen to do, by posting it in the Comment section, below.

Remember, you can choose to close the door and pretend it’s not there, or you can jump in, take care of it, and enjoy the beautiful view in front of you. Just like my own view of Lake Huron.