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You Know You’re Having an ADHD Christmas When…….(plus a contest!)

Posted on December 12, 2016


You Know You’re Having an ADHD Christmas When:


1. You tell everyone to bring a dish…and can’t remember what…so you end up with 12 dozen cheese balls.

2. You go to Meijers or another 24/7 box store 3 hours before Christmas Eve to buy stocking stuffers.

3. Your kids wake up Christmas morning… still wearing their summer pajamas.

4. You cut into the turkey only to find a plastic bag full of giblets.

5. You forgot to put the dishes through the dishwasher that morning, so it’s paper plates. Again.

6. You wrap the gifts with birthday wrapping paper because you waited until the last minute to get Christmas paper.

7. You send out your holiday cards on New Years Day.

8. For my Jewish friends/family: You walk around with red, raw knuckles for a week because you can’t judge how far the potato/onion grater is from your hand.

9. You forget to put names on the presents so you have to unwrap and re-wrap them all over again.

10. You procrastinated taking down the holiday lights last year so BONUS– all you have to do is plug them in THIS year.



Ok, I need one more- I only have 10. That’s where YOU come in. Post your funny ADD holiday story/tip in the Comment section below by Dec. 25, and one lucky reader will win a free copy of one of my ADHD eWorkbooks (seen here). I will choose the funniest one and share it in the next newsletter/blog. Posting it means you give me permission to post it on my blog, my newsletter, in social media, etc. as well. I will use first name only at your request.

PS: Looking for gift ideas perfect for your ADHD family members? Check out my favorite picks HERE.



6 responses to “You Know You’re Having an ADHD Christmas When…….(plus a contest!)

  1. Kady

    You start wrapping your family’s Christmas gifts after midnight on Christmas Eve (technically Christmas morning, but who’s counting?).

  2. Kady

    You finally find the motivation to clean in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve, just so you can enjoy Christmas morning without being surrounded by clutter.
    (My goal is to avoid that this year.)


    I am ALWAYS scurrying around, about 11pm on Christmas Eve, trying to REMEMBER all the gifts that I have purchased and WHERE I hid them!! One summer, I came across a Christmas present that i had stashed away, so I gave it to my son for his birthday celebration (#ADHDnotALWAYSbad)!! Another thing i cant seem to get done until late Christmas Eve, early Christmas morning is wrapping gifts! I beat myself up every year for not getting them wrapped and under the tree prior to handing it over to the recipient. Ugh….

  4. Rrslewis

    You know you have adHD when you did such a good job hiding the predents that you can’t find them or the card you bought to go specially with the gifts. Lol

  5. Rrslewis

    Suppose to say presents

  6. drmaelisahall

    When you had a moment of inspiration and wrote out all the Christmas cards two weeks ago but still haven’t sent them because you have to go to the post office for stamps!

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