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Do the Holidays Exhaust You? Here’s an Idea

Posted on December 27, 2016

concept of lack of sleep and napping for mature woman

Are you feeling as shell-shocked as me? Every year it happens- the holidays, as much fun as they are for most (though not everyone), exhaust me. I could sit for 10 hours staring out the window right now, just waiting to get my energy back after the holidays. Even good stress is stress nonetheless:

There’s shopping, planning, cleaning, organizing, entertaining, conversations, family issues, oh…and more cleaning.

Then before you know it, it’s New Year’s. Whoopee! More of the same, plus oh- office parties, get togethers, etc. For the hyperactive social souls amongst us, you are in your glory (except maybe for the cleaning/organizing part). For the quiet inattentives, you (including me) might rather curl up with a book in front of a fire on New Year’s Eve.

What’s a woman with ADD to do?

Do what you feel like doing. You just came out of one bustling holiday where, more than likely, you did a TON of work to make your family happy. How about spending New Year’s making you happy?

C’mon- make it your goal to do something for yourself. Share it in the Comment section below, and let’s all make this a New Year’s Resolution- this is our day to celebrate OUR needs. You in? Share your plan below.




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