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Does Everything Annoy You? You’re Not Alone

Posted on October 20, 2014



People say I’m an extremely patient person. But you know what? I’m not. Things annoy me. Lots of things- just ask my husband. And if you think I’m just a good natured sort of gal, always smiling and engaging, you might be surprised to know that I’m most likely totally distracted and annoyed by:


  • The sticky glob on the floor that my unfortunate foot just stepped on.
  • Hearing someone talking on their cell phone while I’m trying to hear what you’re saying.
  • Having to wait in line.
  • Hearing mouth breathing over the phone by the computer tech guy.
  • Smelling the perfume on some gal coming towards me… a block away.
  • The tiny irregularity of my newly crowned molar that my tongue can’t seem to leave alone.
  • The driver ahead of me going 30 in a 50-mph zone.
  • The food stain on your chin that I cannot stop staring at.
  • Mosquito bites.

……….and the list goes on. And on and on and on. And it drives me crazy.

I was reading a thread on Facebook the other day where a woman posted how she goes bonkers when she hears mouth noises. Smack. Smack. Chew. Chew. And you know what? I totally get it.

But why is this? My experience is that these irritating  annoyances are very commonly seen in people with ADHD. Of course, we are a distracted bunch and it makes sense that such things would drive us off course (and want us to drive over a cliff).

Could there be more to it? Is it that we simply notice more things than others? Then why is this called Attention DEFICIT? Is it that we’re wired to feel and experience things more strongly and thus, we react too strongly?

Is it being impulsive and not being patient enough to just let things slide?

Or is it all of the above?

What drives you over the edge? And how do you deal with it? Please share in the Comment Section below.



ADD Consults Wins Best of the Web – Blog award from Psych Central!

Posted on October 16, 2014


Proud and humbled to announce that my blog has just been named as Best of the Web – Blog award from The top ten list in ADHD was compiled with input from PsychCentral readers, an associate editor, and Dr. Grohol, founder/director of PsychCentral. This is a huge honor!

Thanks to all of you who visit and who have supported my work for the last 20 years. See the list of winners at

Terry’s Special ADHD Events: Time Sensitive- Don’t Miss Out!

Posted on October 15, 2014

04012014_matlen 018


Are You Aware That It’s ADHD Awareness Month? Check out my very special events and come celebrate with me! Here’s how:


1. Win an autographed copy of my new book, “The Queen of Distraction“. Contest ends October 21. Enter HERE.

2. Join me for a fun, informative webinar October 22 from 8pm EST- 9pm EST:  “HOW WOMEN WITH ADHD CAN CONQUER CHAOS, FIND FOCUS, AND GET MORE DONE!”.

I’ll be sharing real tips on how to stay focused and get organized (and more).
Bring your questions, I’ll provide answers…and…one lucky attendee will win an autographed copy of my book,The Queen of Distraction.” Pssst- there is no fee to attend!
Register today

3. To celebrate ADHD Awareness Month, I’m offering deep (and I mean, really deep) discounts to the Queens of Distraction exclusive online group coaching program. But…regular pricing returns after October 22, so join today HERE

Can’t wait to connect with you online! 

Do Your Hormones Make You “ADD Crazy”?

Posted on October 06, 2014



It always amazes me how much we have yet to understand about ADHD. What worries me more is how much professionals still need to learn about ADHD.

For example:

Recently a woman was worried about her ADD symptoms getting worse. As we talked, it became clear that she was entering perimenopause. Her mood worsened a week before and during her periods and her appetite was out of control. But what really put her over the edge was how much worse her memory and other cognitive symptoms were each month. Since her periods were becoming irregular, she couldn’t prepare herself and see these changes coming. She was more forgetful, having more brain “fog” and lost her temper more easily.

I often suggest to women who are having hormonal changes that affect their ADHD to first talk to their doctor about possibly changing up their ADD meds (I’m not a doctor so cannot offer advice, however…some docs will increase their patients’ ADD meds or add an antidepressant if needed).

Do you find that your thinking isn’t as sharp around the time of your periods? Do you feel more irritable and cranky, even more so than before perimenopause? Are you more forgetful? Do you worry you might have early onset dementia/Alzheimer’s? These are all valid concerns, and I address an entire chapter to hormones in my new book, The Queen of Distraction: How Women with ADHD Can Conquer Chaos, Find Focus, and Get it all Done.

What to do in the meantime? Talking to your health care provider about your worsening symptoms is imperative. In addition to tweaking your ADD meds (and maybe adding an antidepressant if warranted), your doctor might also consider hormone replacement therapy if indicated. Bottom line- get medical advice!

In addition to that, pay attention (I know, ha ha) to what specific symptoms are worsening during this time in your life. Begin coming up with a plan and share it with your family. Explain to them that the changes in your behavior are due to the hormone/ADD combo. Make healthy changes in your life (I know I don’t even have to go into those specifics- you know what they are), but also, find ways to make your life easier during those rough days. For example, try not to schedule in stressful activities or take on additional work responsibilities. If possible, cut back on your hours at work. Take extra special care of yourself by spending more time doing what you enjoy.

Hormonal changes can be troublesome and for many, the ADD symptoms get worse, but there are ways to deal with that. Many post-menopausal women find that their moods level out significantly, so that alone is something to look forward to!

How about you? What changes are you noticing that relate to your hormones? Share them below in the comment section!


Want to Win an Autographed Copy of My New Book?

Posted on October 01, 2014

Watch the video below, then read the rules below that. Good luck, everyone! Contest closes October 21, 2014, so hurry!


Ready to enter? To win an autographed copy of my new book, The Queen of Distraction, follow the directions below! 

Queen of Distraction 2D

1. Go to the ADD Consults Facebook page . Be sure to “like” the page if you’re not already a fan. Once there, “like” the contest post.

2. Under the contest post there, leave a brief comment on why you’d like to win a copy of the book. 

3. Along with your comment, post your name (first name is acceptable) and email address so I know how to contact you should you be the lucky winner. Feel free to share the post with your friends.

Must be 16 years of age or older. Open to U.S. and Canada residents only. Only one entry per person.

More details: Contest runs October 1, 2014 – until 11:30 pm EST October 21, 2014. Winner will be randomly selected and announced on Facebook between October 22-24, 2014.

Click HERE for complete rules. Facebook is in no way affiliated with this contest. Good luck!

Win a Galley Copy of my New Book!

Posted on September 26, 2014



Win a galley copy of my new book, “The Queen of Distraction”, but hurry- contest closes Sept. 30! At Goodreads!

QueenofDistraction Book Cover


Terry’s Top Picks to Make Life with ADD Easier

Posted on September 21, 2014

So here I lay, sick in bed with some killer virus that seems to morph from one symptom into another. Since I can’t really think of anything ADHD related in this fog minded state, I thought I’d share some products I think you’ll enjoy that will make your life easier. Enjoy- and…do not catch this awful bug!



iPhone Lanyard



Sink Caddy


Sak Purse

Terry’s Favorite Purse


Mammoth Grid

Mammoth Grid Wall Calendar


Mousepad To-Do


i cant sleep

I Can’t Sleep Journal




To Accomplish Sticky Notes



QueenofDistraction Book Cover

And of course, my book, hot off the presses: The Queen of Distraction!

ADD and Getting Stuck: How to Start, How to Stop

Posted on September 09, 2014



I know you have a roving eye- not the kind that gets you into trouble with your spouse or partner. I’m talking about the ADD roving eye:

You see a pile of laundry that’s grown taller than your 18 year old son. With every intention of getting started on this odious task, you decide that today is the day to jump in.

So you grab the laundry baskets- wait- you first scrape the various colored/shaped fabrics off the floors. Notice “floors” is plural- that’s because most likely, more than one room has clothes that never made it into a basket, bag or whatever vessel you use to get it into your laundry room.

Here’s where the trouble often begins.

ADD = distractibility

ADD = disdain of boredom

ADD= the roving eye. You know all the shiny penny and squirrel jokes? Well, they aren’t funny when it comes time to deal with tedious chores.

You finally get the laundry in the proper room and get started (we hope).

Then, the next problem hits you squarely in the face- whether it’s doing laundry, paying bills, de-cluttering a room, organizing spices, preparing for a garage sale- you fill in the blank.

What often happens is one of two things:

You either cannot really get started (“Oh, I’ll do that after I watch the Morning Show”) or…you do get started but then you can’t stop! You are so happy to be working on a project you’ve procrastinated on, that you can’t stop yourself and you end up working and working on it for hours. Before you know it, it’s February. Ok, so I’m exaggerating. A little.

What gives?

I’ll bet you didn’t know that ADD is not only about starting. We’re all familiar with that- aren’t we? Not sure? Then let me ask you this: When is the last time you cleaned the oven? Or vacuumed out the car? Or shampooed the carpet? This isn’t meant to make you feel badly; I have the same problem! It’s just we with ADD (there’s a good book title) avoid projects and chores that seem overwhelming (where do I start- vacuuming or dusting? Where does this go? Etc.).

What we don’t think about enough is how and why we end up working on a project that we cannot stop. It’s like we’ve finally fired our engines and then lost the ignition key.

There are a few reasons why stopping is hard. We already know why starting is a problem. But stopping? There’s an incredible surge of adrenalin-fueled energy that often travels with us once we finally jump in and work on something we’ve been avoiding. We say to ourselves- hey- this isn’t so bad after all! Why in the world did I avoid it all these (days/months/years/centuries). And on you go until your arms are about to fall out of their sockets (which you don’t notice because…you have ADD and you’re already on to that next box of “stuff” you haven’t seen since you moved out of your parents’ house).

More Reasons why It’s Hard to Stop

  • Your ADD sense of time might be in the wrong time zone. Mars and Venus come to mind. Kidding aside, we know that those with ADD often have a poor sense of time. One hour can feel like 10 minutes or 3 days. Once you’re up to your neck in a project that has your interest, the time flies by. Conversely, if you hate washing dishes because it’s as boring as watching wood rot, you avoid it because though in reality it only take 3 ½ minutes to do, it feels like 3 ½ months.
  • Another reason for stop issues is it keeps you from dealing with other things that are awaiting your attention. ‘What?’ you ask yourself- ‘No way am I going to pay bills right now when I have to check Facebook to see if I missed someone’s Birthday.’ (I call this Facebook Birthday Phobia). So…you avoid avoid avoid all the things that need your attention.

So, what can you do about this stop/start dilemma?

For one thing, you can use your calendar or whatever system you use daily to keep you on track. Write down your start/stop time. But don’t stop there!

Find your trusty alarms and/or timers (here are some ideas) and set them for when you must stop. In other words, use tools to help you because if we rely on ourselves, well…that doesn’t always work.

Also, start a to-do list of things you want to work on. List them in order of priority/importance and then gauge the amount of time it’ll take to complete (I often suggest you add in extra time to account for disruptions (don’t you HATE that once you’ve gotten going?), breaks (please remember to eat) and other hidden obstacles.

You can do it! You can learn to start/stop and become a pulsating chore machine! But if you still need help, a great resource is my Queens of Distraction group, which I know you’ve been getting lots of announcements about (sorry). As a loyal reader and since you’ve made it all the way to here, I am offering an extension of my incredibly ridiculous reduced rates one more week for you only.

So if you want my help and the support of other women with ADHD- and you want to learn how to jump in and get things done, join today while you can and while there’s still room (only a few spots are left).

Then we can start/stop our chores together!

Do you have some tips on how to start/stop? Share them in the Comment Section below.

My New Book! The Queen of Distraction!

Posted on September 03, 2014


It’s happening October 1, but you can order yours now. Announcing: my new book, The Queen of Distraction: How Women with ADHD Can Conquer Chaos, Find Focus, and Get More Done.

Foreword by Sari Solden, endorsements from Dr. Ned Hallowell, Dr. Russell Barkley, Dr. Russell Ramsay, Dr. Patricia Quinn and more.

Get your copy before everyone else HERE.


7 Days Left To De-Clutter with Me At Special Rates

Posted on September 01, 2014


                       04012014_matlen 018

The Queens of Distraction Labor Day Special!



I’m Terry Matlen, the Queen of Distraction and here are 3 reasons to read this. Do you want to:

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Come hang out with me in a secret, private room with other women with ADD, who “get” your challenges and are there to offer support.

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Welcome home!

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