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Thanks for your patience while the CoachSulting Page is under construction. We hope to launch this resource very shortly. In the meantime, if you are in need of an email consultation, please contact me directly at and I will get back to you within two business days.

Please check back soon for the launch of the ADD CoachSulting Packages!

Rescue Packages: 60 Minutes to Zero Panic

Package 1
Taming your Paper Piles and Clutter

Package 2
Organizing your Messy House or Office

Package 3
Help! My Kids are Making Me Crazy: Parenting when both of you have ADHD

Package 4
Time Management and Memory Tips

Package 5
Improving Communication, Relationships and Social Skills

Package 6
Sensory Overload: How to handle overwhelm when everything is too loud, too smelly, too scratchy, too…everything

Package 7
Cooking Nightmares! How to plan meals, grocery shop without panic attacks, entertain without the pain

Package 8
Staying Sane at Work: How to stay productive even with ADD

Package 9
School Strategies for you and/or your Child

Package 10
Custom solutions for your specific problems