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Industry Services

Whether you’re a company providing a service or have a product that serves the AD/HD population, I can help you promote it through many venues, including advertising opportunities on my website, newsletters, and through my many contacts in the AD/HD community. Those include access to others with AD/HD websites, newsletters, mailing lists, teleclasses, etc. In addition, I am available to act as an expert in the field via media tours, interviews, articles, and other promotional activities.

Would you like to have your product/service seen by thousands of people who are interested in AD/HD? Because of my high visibility online, I can:

  • Promote your service/product via many only venues, i.e., ADD Consults’ website, newsletters, blog, online store
  • Write articles related to your product
  • Be available to represent you or your product to the media

Past and current clients include major pharmaceuticals, ADDitude Magazine, non-profit organizations (ADDA, CHADD), Dr. Edward Hallowell, Sari Solden, M.S., and many products available to help those with AD/HD, many of which are included in my online store at