Let me start off by saying that I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions because most of us, especially those of us with ADHD, have this tendency to forget them within a day or two. Or we simply fall off the wagon before the end of January. Or the end of the first week.
People generally say, “I WILL <fill in the blank>”

For example:
I will start exercising
I will lose 10 pounds
I will be more patient

Well, those don’t work for me. So, here’s my COVID New Year’s Resolutions, taking into account my ADHD, which means, what I will NOT do, not what I WILL do.

Because many of us with ADHD have this tendency, shall I say, to NOT want to be told what to do, even if it comes from ourselves. Feel free to add any of these to your list:

  1. I will NOT get down on myself for not cooking every day. I’ve had it! Carry out, ready-made deli foods- it’s ok!

2. I will NOT make my bed every day and further, will not feel guilty about it.

3. I will NOT hold in my feelings all the time. There are people who are willing to listen to me and let me spew my frustrations.

4. I will NOT self-criticize.

5. I will NOT criticize those that I love but will listen and problem-solve with them, not at them.

6. I will NOT expect my house to be clutter-free or even shiny clean. I’m in survival mode, damn it!

7. I will NOT avoid taking care of my health needs, i.e. doctor/dental appointments (if necessary and if I can go safely).

8. I will NOT binge eat doughnuts, cookies, candy seven days a week. One or two days? Hmmm…go for it (if it doesn’t harm you!). PS: Pass me a Kit Kat while you’re at it.

9. I will NOT get down on myself for feeling less productive than I’d like. Reminder again: we are in crisis mode; we don’t have the amount of energy we normally would have, especially with ADHD in the mix. Find forgiveness and flexibility during these difficult times.

10. I will NOT lose hope that life will improve. It feels like we will have this COVID fear forever. But nothing stays stagnant, not good times nor bad. Hang in there!  

Keep in mind that we are all in crisis mode with COVID. This is the time to be gentle on ourselves, to recognize how much energy we are using JUST to feel safe from getting ill, let alone all the anxiety we’re feeling over the loss of loved ones, lost income, kids learning from home, loss of connections, and oh…so much more. I really think we all need a group hug (virtual!).

What’s on YOUR list? Please post your thoughts in the comment section below.