The days are longer, our moods (hopefully) are lighter and it’s time to tackle the clutter! Here are some tips for you to use every day to help you keep your house from going down that deep slope into clutter chaos. See if these help you!

10 Tips to Beat Clutter in Five Minutes

  1. Place junk mail in recycle bin as soon as it arrives.
  2. Make your bed when you wake up. Tip: toss bedspread over everything. No one will know what’s underneath.
  3. Hang up your clothes every night.
  4. Toss newspaper (recycle bin it) each day even if you didn’t read it.
  5. Throw out old food/leftovers daily after dinner.
  6. Place one thing per day in a garbage bag for donating. Keep the bag in a closet or other easily accessible space.
  7. Place dirty dishes in dishwasher.
  8. Delete emails after reading them/delete junk mail immediately.
  9. Toss one thing per day, ie broken toy, unneeded promotional mug, dried out pen, etc.
  10. Take something upstairs, take something downstairs.

What are your simple decluttering tips? Please share in the Comment section, below.