I was talking…er…emailing a friend whose husband has ADD. She tells me all kinds of stories about how stressful it’s been for her. I listen carefully because in my marriage, I’m the one with ADHD and I know some of my behaviors have to be irritating to my husband. But for the most part, we have things figured out- we’ve been married over 30 years and understand each other’s challenges. Most of the time, anyway.

There are books and articles on how to manage when a spouse has ADD. But what about those of us with ADD who are living with non-ADHD partners?  How does it look from our point of view?

I know for me, many of these non-ADD behaviors drive me crazy. You too?

11 Clues Your Partner does NOT Have ADD (humor)

1. You jump out of your skin when he drives the speed limit, because he’s going too slow.

2. You get frustrated when she is still asking you questions about something you said 2 minutes ago and you’re already onto a new topic.

3. He listens to you so intently, you get self-conscious.

4. He walks straight through the perfume department and doesn’t notice he’s been sprayed with 10 different scents. He’s also not gagging from it.

5. She has a butt dent on the couch from sitting through movies and TV shows without getting up 100 times.

6. His stack of bills is so neat, you’re tempted to let the kids make paper airplanes out of them just to add some interest to the situation.

7. Wait, he doesn’t have a stack of bills. They’re paid within a week of receiving them. Paper planes will have to wait.

8. You can’t find her because she hasn’t left a trail of clothes on the floor. You consider calling 911 to file a missing person report.

9. You’re puzzled that his dollar bills in his wallet are organized by amount and worry he might have a bad case of OCD.

10. She remembers your birthday, your mother’s birthday, the kids’ birthday… and you’re proud you know what day it is.

11. He doesn’t have to count on his fingers.

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