Sometimes I don’t know where my ADD starts and where it ends. I don’t know if my supersonic sensitivities are from ADD, Sensory Processing Disorder or both. Or whether they’re simply personal quirks of mine. But man, there are a lot of things that drive me absolutely crazy! Such as:

1. Songs that have too many repetitive verses, such as the end of Hey Jude, by the Beatles: Na Na Na NANA NA NA……(repeat 100 times). And mind you, I LOVE The Beatles. 

2. People who talk to me from a different room. Sweetheart, if I can’t see your mouth or eyes or both, I cannot connect with you- my brain does an immediate shut down.

3. Touching a doorknob, cabinet pull, fridge door, etc., that is sticky or gooey. I did not handle this well when my children were young. And I still don’t. Thank God for Clorox wipes.

4. Related to #3, stepping on something sticky. As in…spilled juice. Then stepping on all the little juice trails. 

5. Slow drivers, especially when I’m in the passenger seat of one (and you know who you are). I start chewing on my sleeve to try and stay calm.

6. Talking on the phone when the other person is on speakerphone. I cannot understand ¾ of what you are saying. 

7. Talking on the phone (you saw that coming, didn’t you?).

8. The smell of bacon cooking early in the morning. I want to gag. Hey, not everyone loves bacon! Certainly not at 6am.

9. Restaurants that have TVs going plus songs piped in. If I want to watch TV or listen to music, I’ll eat at home or turn the radio on in my car. Massive noise and salads do not mix.

10. Talking politics. Next?

11. What my sink looks like when I come down for breakfast. Honestly? I don’t think any one of you would believe it. Shall I take a photo?

12. The smell of kasha. Check Google if you don’t know what that is. My grandma Sookie, bless her soul, cooked that all the time and sadly, my 2nd strongest memory of her is that odor in her house. The 1st is getting a baby doll from her for my birthday. I can still remember the smell of that rubber. Wow, I really do have olfactory sensitivities.

13. Being interrupted when I’m doing something important, like checking out Facebook Birthday notifications.  

14. Going to formal events: a. I hate getting dressed up. b. I hate wearing makeup. c. I hate small talk. c. I’m uncomfortable in large groups of people when I don’t know 99% of them. 

15. People (again, you know who you are) who turn on the TV in every room– and leave it on after they’ve left. Ok, let me just get it out of my system- I hate TV unless it’s 2am and I’m trying to fall asleep, in which case, I LOVE the Cooking and HGTV channels. 

16. Waiting 8+ months for summer to come, only to be blown out of my skin by the sound of lawnmowers, construction machinery and other outdoor noises when I’m trying to enjoy the few weeks (seemingly) of beautiful weather.

17. Getting caught in the rain. 

18. Not being able to make up my mind. And yes, I know it makes those around me crazy. 

19. Sitting at a table with one leg a tad shorter than the rest. Wobble wobble

20. People who repeat certain words, like……”like”. Ok, I know you can’t help it and I’m sure I have my own verbal habits. But heck, I can’t help it. My ears get stuck on them and my brain locks up.

21. Tick tock clocks. 

22. Socks that are too tight at the top or have a hole in the toe. 

23. Lamps with blue light. I need natural light- please!

24. Dark rooms during the day. Please please keep your drapes open when I come over. 

25. Getting my sleeves wet. I detest the feeling of wet clothes, but that is the worst. 

Ok, I lied. There’s more:

26. Finding dry fruit in my food (especially in my beloved chocolate. Don’t MESS with chocolate! I HATE dry fruit- especially raisins- yick).  

27. People who talk with gum in their mouths.

………and these are just off the top of my head. I think I’ll make a running list of things as they happen for a future newsletter, because there are so many of them. Or maybe I should make a list of things that I love! But would that be as interesting? I dunno…..

What drives you nuts? Please share them in the Comment section below- I would love to hear about your quirky irritations!