January 22, 2020

Here’s my list of what I’m exploring this week.

A Cool Hack to Share –
What My Minimalist Phone Looks Like, by Megan Holstein.

Yea, I’m always searching for ways to streamline my digital life and this one is pretty good. It’s not for the faint of heart, though.

What I’ve Been Reading –

Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma, by Peter Levine. I’m extremely interested in the symptoms commonly seen in both ADHD and those with trauma histories.

I think we need to pay more attention to all of this.

Product I’m Using- 

LED Light Removable Stickers. I am so distractible. At night, I see the light from my clock radio glowing through my eyelids. I see the LED lights on the TV, receivers, EVERYWHERE. So I slap these removable little stickers on them and woah…I can read on my Kindle Paperwhite (oh, how much do I love thee?) without the annoying red lights all over the room… and then fall asleep in darkness!

Where I’ll Be-

Join me! I’m presenting a webinar, “Moms with ADHD, Unite! How to Shape a Peaceful, Organized Life for You and Your Kids” at ADDitudemag.com. February 5, 2020 @1pm EST. Register today (it’s free) https://bit.ly/2Tz1KUz

What My Colleagues Say about Women with ADHD-

Love this article in Detroit’s Hour Magazine, highlighting the incredible work (and new book) by Sari Solden and Michelle Frank… and a few quotes from yours truly, on helping women with ADHD: https://bit.ly/2RmQfN2 . Do get their book! https://amzn.to/2u8VHLq

Favorite Instagram Meme:

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Who Won My Contest? –

Do you remember (no, you do not and that’s ok) that I ran a contest around Christmas time: “You Know You’re Having an ADHD Christmas When….” ?

…I chose the funniest submission on my blog there:

You ask your family/friends when they plan on getting a Christmas tree after walking past it 6 times

Submitted by Regina of Miami, Florida. Regina won my bundle of eWorkbooks. Congrats, Regina! And thanks for the laugh. Thanks to all of you who submitted your comments. They were so funny!

PS Ready to end the clutter, the stress of keeping up with your “stuff”, the frustration of living with ADHD?

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