Here’s my list of what I’m exploring this week.

What I Said

Listen to my session on the Beautifully Complex podcast, with Penny Williams: “When Mom or Dad is Neurodivergent, Too” 

As if parenting isn’t tough enough! Add a parent- or two- with ADHD or other neurodiversity- and things get, well…certainly more challenging. We MUST get rid of our guilt and learn to embrace our differences.

Listen Now!

What I Learned

I love ADDitude Magazine and their website at www.ADDitudeMag.com; there’s something for everyone there and I found this article fun and helpful:

Everyday ADHD: Quirky Productivity Hacks for Easily Bored Brains

Read it here.

What I’m Reading

The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness & Healing in a Toxic Culture

By Dr. Gabor Maté

My friend, Dr. Gabor Maté’s, new book The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culture will be available September 13, but you can pre-order it right now.

I’ve known Gabor for well over 20 years and if you haven’t read his other books, or seen his interviews on YouTube, or learned about his work on his website at www.drgabormate.com… you have been missing a lot. His work is life-changing, life-altering. He certainly has changed mine.
Order his book HERE.

What I Recommend to my Clients

Therapy Journal

It includes prompts, guided sessions, goals, check-ins, your session notes, and so much more. Make the most of your therapy sessions!

Get yours today  

(They also offerThe Anti-Anxiety Notebook, Depression Guidebook, Trauma Workbook, and Sleep Workbook.)

Where You Can Find Me

Besides my main websites at www.ADDconsults.com and www.QueensOfDistraction.com, you can also join my (free) support group for women with ADHD at https://www.facebook.com/groups/womenWithADD

….and for you moms with ADHD, join me at https://www.facebook.com/groups/momswithadhd/

ADHD Professional? Join me and other clinicians, coaches, educators, and more, by clicking here.

…..and please visit and like my page at www.facebook.com/ADDconsults

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What I’m Excited About


I get a lot of emails and guess what the #1 question I get is:

Where can I find a professional in my area who can help me?


We’re slowly rolling out listings and ** if you are a professional or have a service or product and would like to be first in line or want to know more, email me at support@addconsults.com

…or sign up now at www.GetADHDhelp.com (have your listing alongside top ADHD experts Dr. Ned Hallowell, Sari Solden, Dr. Thomas E. Brown, Dr. Sharon Saline, and more heavy hitters. **

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Want to Store Your Child’s Artwork?

Art Portfolio

When my kids were school-aged, I bought two large portfolios to store my / their favorite masterpieces (and framed some, as well). Back then, we didn’t have cell phones but if you find it hard to part with their creative work, take a snapshot of it and upload it to a file on your computer.

Get yours here!


Find everything you need…at Amazon!
Shop today online and go with your kids to get ice cream instead of dealing with long check-out lines.

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Want to Hang Out with Me *and* Get Affordable Coaching? 

Then join The Queens of Distraction! 

Work with me throughout the week to get things done. 
We roll up our sleeves and attack the piles, the projects, the basement- whatever is on your “to-do” list that’s been staring at you for the last 10 years. Bonus: you’ll get to meet THE kindest, most supportive women with ADHD on the planet. 
Learn more and sign up here. 

When you Need Help, I’m Here  

Talk to me- I understand. I get it. I have ADHD, too. And I can help.

I have a few slots open
 for online consultations via Zoom. These have become super popular, so if you’re looking to work with me one-on-one, grab an appointment. We meet live on Zoom (or you can request email consultations instead).
Learn more and sign up here.

Where to find Terry Matlen:

Website: www.ADDconsults.com
Coaching:  www.QueensOfDistraction.com

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