Here’s my list of what I’m exploring this week.

What I’m Saying

Watch my recent interview on the ADHD Toolbox. I talked about how we parents must work through some hard, painful feelings in order to be effective in raising and caring for our children with differences.

This session is not for the faint – hearted, but I hope those of you who listen, will come away with a deeper understanding of the inner work we need to do to come to a place of acceptance.

Watch it here.

What I’m Learning

Want to learn how to organize your Mac computer? Photos, email, applications, and much more.My jaw dropped when I read this article. Check it out HERE.

What I’m Reading

Another great article on Mashable:

Privilege plays a huge role in getting an ADHD diagnosis: How social inequities feed into the under-diagnosis of ADHD.

Too many underprivileged people, both kids and adults, fall through the cracks of an ADHD diagnosis. 

Read the article HERE.

What? No Drawers? Problem Solved!

Got a desk with no place to put your pens and other assorted office supplies? This will solve that problem pronto! The hidden self-adhesive under table drawer. Check it out here.

Favorite Instagram Meme

Hey, follow me on Instagram for memes and quotes and random “Terry Thoughts.”

What I’m Cooking

NOTHING. Not in the last 5 WEEKS because my broken elbows and wrist are still not completely healed. Send me some aww…so sorry messages, please. 🙂

Want a Better Way to Clean? 

If you’re sick of water-logged, stinky sponges and wasting money on paper towels – it’s time to make the switch to Swedish Dishcloths!

Check them out HERE.

Want to Hang Out with Me *and* Get Affordable Coaching? 

Then join The Queens of Distraction! 

Work with me throughout the week to get things done. 
We roll up our sleeves and attack the piles, the projects, the basement- whatever is on your “to do” list that’s been staring at you for the last 10 years. Bonus: you’ll get to meet THE kindest, most supportive women with ADHD on the planet. 
Learn more and sign up here. 

When you Need Help, I’m Here  

Talk to me- I understand. I get it. I have ADHD, too. And I can help.

I have a few slots open
 for online consultations via Zoom. These have become super popular, so if you’re looking to work with me one-on-one, grab an appointment. We meet live on Zoom (or you can request email consultations instead).
Learn more and sign up here.


Where to find Terry Matlen:

Website: www.ADDconsults.com

Coaching:  www.QueensOfDistraction.com


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