With Christmas roaring up behind you, I’ll be brief, so you can get your preparations done. So today, I give you:


  1. Do NOT bother cleaning your upstairs. You need all of your energy for the rooms you’ll be using during the holiday, especially if you have guests coming.

    TIP: Don’t clean the house. You heard me. But instead, do a quick tidy up of the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas downstairs. Put a garbage bag in each room and toss in *anything* visible you can get rid of: newspapers, leftover food, etc.

    Grab laundry baskets- now- and toss in anything that is cluttering up those rooms. Hide them upstairs until you recover from the holidays and have the energy to put things away.
  2. Don’t cook.

    TIP: Instead, prepare only easy peasy meals for now: carry out, quick pasta, frozen leftovers, or other fast and easy prep dinners. Heck, scrambled eggs are fine, too.
  3. Don’t wrap gifts if you’re stressed out.

    TIP: Instead, grab some nice gift bags and colorful tissue. Take it from there.  Or do what I do: I pay my youngest to wrap them for me- not including hers, of course!
  4. Do not freak OUT.

    TIP: Instead, make your final list for what you still need to do.
  5. Don’t over-do it with alcohol, chocolate, and other stress -relieving bad habits.

    TIP: Find ways to calm yourself down in healthy ways. When I’m stressed, I want CHOCOLATE and too much screen time to distract myself.  Get thee outside for a walk.

Here are some other anti-stress activities:

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