I’m writing this while sitting in a hotel in NYC. By the time you read it, however, I should be back home and back to work.

Every year, I try and give myself a solo vacation for a few days where I can get away from it all and immerse myself in activities that I enjoy, leaving my many family and work responsibilities back home.

It’s a time to put myself first, something I don’t often do back home, because:

  1. Moms generally put their child’s needs first
  2. Women are told that our family is our first priority (we hear this message beginning in early childhood)
  3. Marriages mean giving and taking. And giving some more.
  4. I’m the queen of the sandwich generation, caring for a “child” with special needs (she’s now a young adult) as well as an elderly parent.

I crave these few days away where I can stay up as long as I wish and sleep in for as long as I want. There are no dogs jumping on me, waking me up. No slamming of kitchen cabinets. No phone calls. No requests for this or that. No interruptions. It’s like being 6 again and having the playground to myself.

What is my point? 

We all need time away from responsibilities and routines. ADHD is with us 24/7 and it often makes normal daily routines much harder to manage. Our energy is often depleted by the end of the day, though our brains never seem to want to shut down!

It’s summer. If you have kids, you may have your hands full if they don’t have structured activities set up (CAMP!).

A solo vacation may not be in the equation for you, but getting down time is a MUST. I’m asking all of you: what can you do to find a day or two where you can feel freedom, enjoy activities you’ve had to put aside all year and find time just for you?

I often say that doing things we need to do to stay afloat is NOT a luxury. In that vein, what do you NEED to do for yourself and how will you do it?

Please share your thoughts (and hopefully your plans) in the Comment section below.