Winter Blues

What happened? After waiting 9+ months, summer finally arrived. I couldn’t wait to get my jogging shoes back on and enjoy the more laid back days, many spent at our little cottage in Canada.

As I write this, I’m lying on a futon with the windows wide open, listening to birds, crickets and Lake Huron waves hitting the beach. My ADHHHD kiddo is fast asleep (I’d better hurry, because that will end way too soon) and hubby will also rise soon, looking for another Mr. fix-it job to take on at Chez Matlen.

It’s late August now and…what is that I feel in my throat? It’s a lump. A lump of sadness that our brief Michigan summer is about to end. The days are already getting shorter and my carefree days have already morphed into deadlines for fall projects.

As a woman with ADHD, there’s a very good chance that you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, or some other lovely “add-on” that creates more baggage for you. For me, thinking about winter has always been difficult- and I have SAD to boot (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I hate, I mean I really HATE winter.

And I’m guessing many of you do, as well.

I’ve found some solutions that have been extremely helpful to me. And I’d like to share them with you right now.

How to Ease the Transition from Summer to Winter and Kill Those Winter Blues


  1. Think of indoor activities you enjoy and start preparing for them. For me, it’s making art in my studio. Since my studio is in my basement, I can’t get myself down there in the summer, because I crave sunshine and the outdoors. Now, instead of ruminating over the upcoming change in season, I put a positive spin to it and remind myself that my “creative” months are coming up soon. It’s a total re-frame that helps me a lot.
  1. Vitamin D3. My doctor recommended this for bone health, but I discovered that my SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) improved greatly. Who knew? Give it a try.
  1. Get out of town! To help survive winter, we head to Florida every winter for vacation. Start saving and planning now.
  1. Get the cozy going. Think about hot chocolate, holidays (if that doesn’t stress you out, that is), cozy PJs and hearty meals.
  1. Remember that we still have fall. Personally, I hate fall because it means winter is right behind. But many love the fall colors and crispness in the air. Plan your pumpkin patch or apple cider excursions.
  1. Force yourself to learn a winter sport. Honestly? It didn’t work for me because I dread the cold, but maybe you’d like to try ice-skating or cross country skiing.
  1. Hey now! Summer isn’t over yet, so…drink up each delicious day and make the best of what we have left. Then again, many of you may HATE summer (it does wonders for hot flashes, doesn’t it?) but if you’re like me, treasure each day that is over 60 degrees.

How about you? Do you detest winter like I do? If so, how do you manage? What can you think or do differently to make the transition easier for you?
Post your thoughts in the Comment section below.

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