I am thrilled to be joining the venerable Terry Matlen for this first, of hopefully many to come, live Q & A focused on women with ADHD.
All are welcome and all questions are welcome but don’t delay, space is filling up and questions are queuing.
ADHD is not as common in females as in males (the ratio is estimated to be about 3 males to every 1 female), and it tends to look a bit different in girls and women, which often makes it tougher to spot and treat.

From Ned:

Many of the girls with ADHD may make it successfully through high school, college, grad school and into the workplace before they discover they have ADHD. The costs of undiagnosed and untreated ADHD in women are clear – despite being deemed “successful,” they often suffer from chronic underachievement, frustration, disorganization and relationship difficulties.

Women and girls with ADHD face a number of unique issues in dealing with their “race car brains.” In this episode of Distraction Podcast, Terry, who specializes in helping women with ADHD, joins me to answer questions from our female listeners. Topics  include pregnancy and medication, hormones, exorcise, toxic relationships, social isolation and much more. I recommend listening to it and also visiting my ADHD: The Gender Issue page prior to our live Q&A. 

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