There’s a stack of papers on my desk that needs my attention. In fact, it’s been needing my attention for at least 3 weeks. But there they sit, while I…

…write this blog, read the paper, cruise the internet (getting lost in the black pit of information on everything from Suri Cruise’s haircut to 100 ways to BBQ a chicken, to the Michael Jackson saga and everything in between).

I’m watching the rain pellets hit the roof out my window, which brings back memories of daydreaming in Mrs. Hoskins class at MacDowell Elementary School in Detroit. I’m remembering her pet turtle…and Helene with the beautiful sand colored curls, sitting in front of me. I’m counting the swirls cascading down onto my desk.

….and the laundry is piling up, but the dryer just broke and I forgot to call the serviceman. So that gives me a few extra days of not dealing with laundry.

I didn’t plan dinner too well, so hopped over to the market to buy some ready made Chinese Food. We eat it, analyze it and determine it’s not something we’ll repeat anytime soon.

Facebook is now pulling me in and I meet a fascinating fellow who shares my passion on various health related issues. Our kids have similar medical histories.

The dog scratches to come in. My attention is diverted to the pile of dishes. I put them away. Success!

My daughter needs to pack her suitcase for our cottage trip. And wait… here comes Twitter, luring me in with instant gratification to stimulate my hyperactive brain, which sadly, doesn’t match my sluggish body.

There’s that article I need to write for ADDitude Magazine and my newsletter waiting to be sent out to my readers.

Today I returned the jogging shoes that don’t fit, but stuck them in the wrong box. They won’t take them back, so now I have shoes that will sit in the closet till I figure this out. Anyone need a pair 10 1/2 New Balance shoes? WHY did I go a size too big, anyway?

And where is the receipt? Not that it matters, now. I glance to my left- at my desk- and see that horrific pile of papers that needs my attention.

Do I deal with it now? Or wait till I come back from the lake?

You guess.