I was recently a guest speaker at Bob Dietrich’s ADHD Toolbox LIVE.

I covered a topic that dug deep into my soul- my daughter’s story of her illness as a toddler that caused her lifelong special challenges. I talked about how we parents must work through some hard, painful feelings in order to be effective in raising and caring for our children with differences, whether that be ADHD, a chronic medical condition, psychiatric illness, etc.

This session is not for the faint – hearted but I hope those of you who listen, will come away with a deeper understanding of what we need to do to come to a place of acceptance.

The ADHD Toolbox LIVE features 11 interviews with 11 experts on ADHD and other behavioral and learning challenges.  

In this program, topics discussed include:

Why do you need a diagnosis

How a leaky gut can look like ADHD

How to overcome early childhood trauma

How brain development can help overcome children’s challenges

Strategies to manage anxiety, and more.

Additionally, each speaker provides a free gift to help you on your journey, and each speaker will receive a recorded two hour workshop to help you understand what’s happening in your child’s brain that causes these challenges.

Listen to my session HERE

Purchase a lifetime access to the ADHD Toolbox Here.