I am excited to announce the launch of the ADD Action Team, a new, innovative and cost-effective online service to help adults with ADHD.

Are you sick of being disorganized, overwhelmed and frustrated? Are you looking for support from two top ADD coaches and other adults like you who know what you need to do to get moving so you can get out of the stuck-mode?   

ADD Coach Becca Colao and I and your fellow ADD Action Teammates are here to guide you, help you set an action plan and move you towards completing your goals each week via online chats and forums. We will help you move forward in a safe, supportive environment so you can tackle the things you hate doing that have you paralyzed, thus freeing you up to enjoy more time doing the things you love: friends, family, relationships, hobbies…by bringing peace to your life. 

Do you need a jumpstart in:

  • Paying your bills
  • Plowing through laundry piles
  • Filing papers
  • Studying for exams
  • Getting dinner on the table
  • Planning your day in general?


The ADD Action Team is held two days per week:

  • Chat-based support with Becca Colao on Tuesdays in our Action Team Chat Room – 11am- noon EST (New York Time)
  • Forum-based support with Terry Matlen on Wednesdays in our Action Team Forum – All day.


To celebrate the launching of the new ADD Action Team, the first week’s fee is practically a giveaway at just $1! After that, you will be charged the low rate of only $27/month to continue.


Ready to sign up? Just visit www.ADDactionTeam.com  for more information and to register. Remember, sign up now and enjoy your 7-day membership in the ADD Action Team for only a $1 investment.

Still have questions? Email me at Terry (at) ADDconsults.com

See you at the ADD Action Team!