Happy Holidays! Round Two! Did You Survive Thanksgiving?

Think about what went right and what went wrong during Thanksgiving. Did you take on too much? Where you overwhelmed? What would you have done differently?

With Christmas just a few weeks away, Chanukah in full swing and New Years’ right around the corner, think about what you might do differently this year, and what you learned from Thanksgiving in order to make the upcoming holidays as pleasant as possible for you.

You know by now that I’m a huge proponent of making holidays work for YOU. If cooking for 20 seems daunting (it sure would for me!), how about asking each guest to bring a favorite dish? Is there a law that says you HAVE to cook everything? How about making just the main dish and carrying in the sides?

Or if your plans are still up in the air, why not reserve a room at a local restaurant? Many Chinese restaurants are open during Christmas- you could start a whole new tradition!

The main thing is to make the holidays work for you, not the other way around. Learn from this year’s experiences. If you find yourself too stressed out, note what you can do differently for next year and jot if down on your calendar.

Still determined to take it on? Let me and Coach Becca help you at our online ADD Action Team. We meet Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week in our chat room and forum, where you and your team members post your plan for the day, whether it’s buying gifts, cleaning the kitchen, paying bills, or working on a project. Let us help you put the cheer back into the holidays. Check out the ADD Action Team HERE