We’re having an ADD PARTY tonight and you are invited!

Join me at 9pm EST tonight (8-8-13) for “Pick Terry’s Brain” Q & A Party and Contest!

I’ll keep this short. Brief.

You’ve probably gotten tons of emails promoting online webinars, right? Great topics- things you want to learn about. Top experts, yada yada. You tell yourself you will attend and might even have registered for the event.

But then you forget and you miss it. Don’t you hate when that happens?

Tonight, I am offering for the very first time, an online ADD Party where you can ask me your ADD related question AND win a prize- in my chat room. If you can type, you can attend. 

Here’s the info:

You can register now (it’s complimentary) HERE

Or, you can wait and check your calendar to see if you have another obligation. Like taking your cat in for a teeth cleaning. Or picking up the paisley curtains you ordered.

I’ll be sending reminders just before the event, because hey, you have ADD and you don’t like to plan. It’s way more fun to jump in last minute, anyway. To get reminders, you’ll need to join my Facebook page HERE, because I don’t want to smother you in email reminders. (you’re welcome).

Or you can add me on Twitter and get notifications that way.  Add Terry to Twitter HERE  

But you won’t want to miss this party, because:

1. You will be able to “Pick Terry’s Brain” by asking me your ADHD related question in this fun, fast moving Q and A event.

2. You will have the chance to win a prize (yes, ladies and gentlemen!)-  I’m offering the very first live online ADD contest! Be the 20th person to register (no cost to you, of course) and you will win a copy of my new digital eWorkbook: DeClutter 101. You can do that now HERE (if you’re already registered at ADD Consults, I will be giving away a 2nd DeClutter book during the chat).

Ready to have fun tonight? No pressures. Cuz if you forget to come, just check Facebook, Twitter, or even this post.

See you there!