Every Thursday night, my Queens of Distraction group meets with me to discuss a new topic each week. Last week, it was ADHD and Creativity.

One definition of creativity is the ability to generate ideas that are both novel and useful, but let’s not get so technical here. What I’ve read in research journals is that it’s not really all that clear whether people with ADHD are more creative than those without ADHD.

But as a clinician in the field and someone who’s talked to MANY adults with ADHD, I see so much creativity within us.

Some famous, creative people who have shared that they have ADHD are Emma Watson, Whoopie Goldberg, Liv Tyler, Solange Knowles, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, Adam Levine, Howie Mandel, will.i.am, Michele Rodriguez, and many more.

Personally, I have many friends and acquaintances with ADHD who are super creative artists and musicians.

Creativity can show itself not just in the visual arts, music, writing, etc., but in how we find novel ways to solve problems. We also see a lot of ADHD in the world of entrepreneurs as well as in marketing, computers, PR and wow…let me share this: I have been interviewed by the media many times over the years and I cannot tell you how many of the interviewers have quietly (secretively) shared with me that they have ADHD.

Getting back to my group discussion. I was wondering: are we more creative because we have to be, in order to get through life, ie get things done, not be late for meetings, etc? Or are we born creative and are more apt to go into creative endeavors?

Another explanation for our creativity could be that we cannot tolerate boredom. Creative thinking, creative pursuits are extremely stimulating. The question I posed to the group and now ask here is:

Is creativity a part of our ADHD so we don’t get bored or are we easily bored so we find ways to have creative outlets?

Are you a creative type? Do you think it’s part of having ADHD? If so, why? Share your thoughts and your areas of creative interests in the comment section, below.

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