In my last blog, I wrote about having ADD and Feeling Different. That piece sure did strike a chord with many of you, as I got lots of feedback both publically on the blog and in private email.

Feeling different is an experience just about everyone with ADD has shared with me, from childhood to the present. Think about it:

When you were in school, did you struggle to pay attention, preferring to gaze out the window, lost in your own world? Was sitting still military-style just too hard to manage? Did you feel out of step socially, watching from afar as the other girls chatted about things that sometimes either didn’t make sense to you or didn’t seem important?

Were you the one that didn’t get asked to join the teams until there was no one else LEFT but you? Did you feel like an outsider all those years?

Fast forward to now. Hopefully, your ADD has been diagnosed and you’re getting the proper treatment. But those ghosts of yesterday might still be following you today, whether you’re 25 or 75. Those early wounds don’t always easily heal.

Even women who have found success in life, with happy marriages, good jobs and lovely children often feel out of step with the world, as if they have their own secret language about how the world works and where they fit in.

This can cause extreme loneliness, even if you’re surrounded by people all day. Because…they don’t “get” it- they don’t understand ADD and how it affects you.

That’s one reason why I decided to launch the Queens of Distraction group. Women, like you, from all over the world have been reaching out to me for years, asking for resources and help for their ADD but even more so, they are looking to connect with other women who “get it.” 

I hope you’ll jump in and join me and the other Queens. We get it. We need each other. We are sensitive, creative, loving people who just get….stuck at times with our ADD. There are no criticisms, no judgments, just good people who will guide you, support you and help you when you need it.

No longer will you need to feel the deep hurts from the past. Be a Queen with me and let’s move mountains (and laundry heaps while we’re at it). I’m here for you, as are the other queens. Please join us at www.QueensOfDistraction.com .

– Terry