5 iPad apps to help you with ADHD and to stay more organized.

Apple’s iPad has revolutionized the way we use computers by helping us keep up with friends, play games, manage finances, and organize our daily routines.

But can an iPad help manage symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?

ADHD and iPad

School districts across the country—in classes from kindergarten through high school—are experimenting with iPads to see if they can help students learn better. The exact number isn’t known; nor do we know how many are using iPads specifically to help kids with ADHD is unknown. But what is certain is that when it comes to ADHD, there are specific iPad applications (or “apps”) available. Question is, how well do these work? Though research has yet to answer the question, apps for iPads and iPhones include reward charts, games, behavior trackers, drug guides, symptom tests, and checklists. One app helps parents recognize the triggers that may precede meltdowns and offers suggestions to help them avoid their own meltdowns when their kids act out.


Because the device is so new, no research supports claims that the iPad may or may not help adults with ADHD. Research does suggest that tools that help individuals organize – one of the key difficulties for sufferers of ADHD – may help alleviate some of the daily pressures of living with ADHD.

Here are five apps to get you started toward a more organized life:

If you have trouble misplacing files on your computer or that pesky thumb drive, the popular Dropbox application may be the answer to your woes. Used across multiple platforms, Dropbox is a way to store and access your files from any computer and your iPad.

Cost: Free up to 2GB

Bento for iPad:
Using the same concept as your favorite Japanese restaurant, the Bento for iPad application organizes your contacts, projects, event plans, and to-do lists. As one of the most popular organization apps, this vibrant and easy-to-use tool will make keeping it all together fun and simple.

Cost: $4.99

Having trouble remembering, well, everything? iQue is the app that helps people who forget stop forgetting so much and start moving on with their lives. From remembering the passwords to your devices to remembering your anniversary; iQue mimics how our brains remember things by providing an effective way to stay on track.

Cost: Free

Deskpad Office:
Have a penchant for Post-its®? Thanks to this app, soon your iPad can be covered in the sticky reminders – without wasting paper. This simple application can keep your desk free from the decorative notes, and may make organizing your random thoughts a little less random.

Cost: Free

Pocket Informant:
Pocket Informant looks like a standard calendar but unlike the one hanging on your wall, you don’t have to update it from home. Easily updated on the go, Pocket Informant will keep you up to date on what you need to do right now, and it can be used with your iPhone. With a clear interface allowing for simple updates and meeting scheduling, staying organized can actually be a fun process.

Cost: $14.99

However you choose to stay organized, the iPad can be an effective tool to keep you on track. Test out new applications and see what works for you. You may discover that the secret to a more organized life is just a swipe and a tap away.

 Source: Reader’s Digest