Palooza sale

You registered for the Palooza but forgot to tune in.

Or you heard a couple of sessions and were intrigued but missed the rest.

Or you meant to buy the Encore package with all 31 replays but the deadline whizzed past.

ADHD strikes again.

And it’s not fair.

But we’re all about fair and equity and ADHD-forgiveness.

So we’re opening up the half-price sale once again. But this time we WILL close the doors Friday at midnight. (January 22). Seriously. ADHD or not. We mean it. Really.

The truth is, when we set the cutoff deadline for our half-price discount on the ADHD Women’s Palooza recordings, we didn’t realize that our email system couldn’t adjust for different time zones. That means some of you had only a scant few hours to buy the Encore package. And that truly isn’t fair.

So today only, you can buy the entire Palooza set of recordings – audio AND video AND bonuses from our esteemed speakers – for just $97.

That, my friend, is a steal.

A bargain.

Click the picture below to buy the Encore package


Remember – this was the Palooza line-up of experts (never-before in one place at one time):

Solden  Quinn  Hinshaw  Barkley  Hallowell  T.E. Brown  Littman  Bertin  Fellman  Dupar  Ramsay  Rostain  Sarkis  Tuckman  Novotni  Dodson  Giwerc  Roggli  Matlen  Copper  Green  Pinsky  Tivers  Luther  Kensington  Taylor-Klaus  Dempster  Walker  Tudisco  Orlov  McGillicuddy  A. Brown

You cannot go wrong with this special deal.

And this time we ARE closing the doors Friday at midnight.

It’s only fair.

Order your set before midnight tomorrow by clicking HERE.