Just what we need- something more to worry about. I read an article recently about how today’s moms are too involved in their children’s lives. They snoop, they interfere, they offer too much support and direction. Kids are living at home longer, expecting more from their parents and enjoying luxuries mom and dad are paying for.

They bail their kids out of all kinds of trouble, make sure they get into the best schools available and ensure that they hang out with only the nicest kids in town.

But what if you’re raising a child with ADHD or other special needs? When do you step in and when do you let them swim on their own? And how do you know when to back off?

Kids with ADHD *do* have special needs: they may need more reminders. They may need us to help them with even very basic things, long after their peers have mastered them. When many kids are no longer needing reminders to shower and look after other grooming needs, our kids are often clueless- or don’t care much- about such things.

Are we being helicopter moms if we’re still reminding a 16 year old to hop in the shower? Or to bring their homework papers to school?

Where is the line drawn for you and your kids?