I have been having a blast with the Queens of Distraction, my sweet online group of lovely, compassionate women  with ADD who are working hard at getting untangled from their clutter, pushing themselves to start projects that have been on the back burner before stoves were even invented, and watching them gleefully check off their to-do boxes.

I’m watching in awe as they clear off their desks, pay bills, de-clutter dining room tables so meals can finally be served, making long over-due doctor’s appointments and oh…so much more.

What is striking about the Queens is something I see in most women with ADD: super sensitivity, kindness, a great sense of humor and a deep awareness of their shortcomings.  There’s also a tenacity that matches no other, plus a sprinkle of quirkiness that makes them, oh…so lovable and fun to be around.

In all the years of working with women with ADD, I’m struck by the spark, the “something” that makes me know almost immediately that yes- that person probably has ADD. In fact, when I was at a party the other night, I was practically cornered by women who had or thought they might have- ADD. The energy, the sparkle in their eye, the unabashed expression of ideas and feelings. What is that unique characteristic we all seem to share? That draws us to each other like glue?

I’d love to hear your opinion on what makes you unique- does your ADD enhance your personality? Or is it a brick wall that stops you cold from moving forward? Or both?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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