If you are caring for both your children and your elderly parents, welcome to the Sandwich Generation! I “joined the club” in the past year when my parents began to face enough medical problems to warrant the help and support of me and my siblings.

I’ve had my hands full, to say the least, but as this is my ADHD blog site, I figured I’d add the ADHD spin to it.
Which is…how does one juggle all of these responsibilities? How do you stay above water?

What I’ve learned so far on this journey is that when ADD is in the mix, it is imperative to reach out and get help. It’s hard enough to take care of one’s family, work, keep up with the household AND meet the needs of elderly parents.

As a woman, I’ve been “programmed” by society to take too much upon myself and ask for help only reluctantly when my back is up against a wall. With a better understanding of my own ADD related needs, I’m learning and forcing myself to reach out more than I’ve ever done before.

When friends and relatives offer to help, I no longer push them away. I accept!

How about you? What are you doing to take care of you during these difficult years?