Periodically, people contact me with resources that they feel are helpful to those touched by ADHD.

Recently, I learned of the Challenge Software Program at Its developer, Brad Chapin LCP, LMLP, tells me that the program was Beta-tested by over 750 parents and professionals around the world. He recently launched the site to the public.

This interactive internet-based application uses animated scenarios and games to engage children quickly and teach them the basics of Self-regulation (the central issue in ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Aggression, and
Emotional/Behavioral problems). Self-regulation is crucial for success throughout the life-span and is a skill that should be getting more attention throughout the educational

The program also automatically generates Pre and Post outcome Data to show improvements.

They are also offering a free trial. Check it out at If you try it, please post your experience here.

:: Disclaimer:: I have not used the program and cannot vouch for its effectiveness, but am sharing it with my readers as a point of interest and possible resource.