You’re at the restaurant and mulling over the menu. Spaghetti? Or Cobb Salad?

You’re looking to buy a new car: Chevy? Or Ford?

You look around your house with the intention of spending the day cleaning: Kitchen clutter? Or laundry?

The other day during our weekly chat, one of my Queens of Distraction members shared a term she’d read that resonated deeply with her- indecision fatigue– to describe how exhausting it can be to simply (?) make decisions all day long.

I get it.

With ADHD, we don’t have a lack of attention– we either notice TOO many things at once, or we can’t CONTROL our attention. Think about the cereal section in the grocery store. Is there anything more difficult that even looking at all the options there?

It’s almost like a sick Eeny, meeny, miny, moejoke. No wonder many of us appear to have OCD- it’s easier to stick with the same ol’ thing than have to make decisions about new things. So we buy the same cereal week after week, just to avoid getting indecision fatigue.

How about you? Do you get paralyzed at times, trying to make a decision? How do you get yourself out of that ditch?

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