Terry Matlen’s Medical Info Toolkit e-workbook has something for every member of the family. In this guide you will be able to document medications, medical appointments and medical history. This workbook will allow you to create a ready to go package in case you or a loved one ever has to go to the emergency room.

About the author:
Terry is a psychotherapist, writer, consultant and ADHD coach specializing in ADHD in adults, with a special focus on women. In addition to this e-workbook, she is also the author of the books, “The Queen of Distraction” and “Survival Tips for Women with ADHD” and is the founder/director of www.ADD Consults.com, www.QueensOfDistraction.com, MomsWithADD.com, and www.MyADDstore.com. Terry also founded the social networking site, WomenADHD.com.