dfw-tem-workbook-2-3d-nologo Space Organizer Toolkit: An ADHD eWorkbook to Manage your Garage, Yard, Basement and more.

This workbook covers something that everyone can relate to: Yard work and the Great Outdoors…and more: The Tool Shed The Great Divide (yard work) The Basement The Car or Truck

About the author: Terry is a psychotherapist, author, consultant, and ADHD coach specializing in ADHD in adults, with a special focus on women with ADHD. She is the author of the award winning book, “The Queen of Distraction” and also “Survival Tips for Women with ADHD” plus two other eWorkbooks. She is the founder/director of ADD Consults, The Queens of Distraction (online group coaching), and MyADDStore. Join her on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/ADDconsults , Twitter, and get a free eBook when you sign up for her newsletter HERE.

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