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Clutter Crusher Toolkit! Terry Matlen’s e-workbook designed to help you tackle every day clutter. An ADHD Workbook to Take Control of Your Home, One Room at a Time.

The step-by-step guide will be there to help you:
Drowning in Paperwork
Tackling the junk drawer
The Closet Purge
Pick a room, any room


Medical Records Toolkit! Terry Matlen’s Medical Info Toolkit e-workbook has something for every member of the family. In this guide you will be able to document medications, medical appointments and medical history. This workbook will allow you to create a ready to go package in case you or a loved one ever has to go to the emergency room.

dfw-tem-workbook-2-3d-nologo Space Organizer Toolkit: Terry Matlen’s ADHD eWorkbook to Manage your Garage, Yard, Basement and more.
Space Organizer Toolkit: An ADHD eWorkbook to Manage your Garage, Yard, Basement and more.

This workbook covers something that everyone can relate to: Yard work and the Great Outdoors…and more: The Tool Shed The Great Divide (yard work) The Basement The Car or Truck

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