Welcome to 2019!I hope you all got through the holidays with more joy than pain.

In my last newsletter/blog post,I talked about my own Top 10 New Year’s Resolutionsand I’d love to hear what your thoughts are about resolutions and how ADHD fits- or doesn’t fit- into all of this. After all, we’re known to have a tough time with transitions and changes. If you didn’t read my piece, I hope you will. Hint: it’s HUMOR.

Today, I’m doing something different. Instead of blabbing about myself, I want to hear from YOU. I get tons of emails from people asking me just about anything having to do with their challenges dealing with ADHD. Below are a few that have come in that might resonate with you.But….for my NEXT newsletter issue and blog post, I’m inviting you to email me with YOUR question. The only caveat is that by doing so, you give me permission to use it (and my response, which I’ll email back to you) in an upcoming newsletter and blog post.Just tell me if you’d like to use a pseudonym.

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Heather, from Spokane, WA asks:

Dear Terry,

I am reaching menopause age (I’m 42) and notice that my memory is getting worse. In particular, word retrieval. Am I developing dementia? Please help!

Terry’s response:

Hi Heather,

This is a common concern for women with ADHDwho are approaching menopause. I hear from attorneys, doctors, professors, stay at home moms, retirees, factory workers, teachers, and more…who are terrified that they are looking at possible Alzheimer’s or other form of dementia. Suddenly, words escape them. They can’t remember names. Finding the right word becomes a real challenge, and they end up describing the noun they are looking for.

It’s scary!

But fear not. For the great majority of women with ADHD in this age range (and older), cognitive function often changes, just as it does for many women *without* ADHD. But since we’re already struggling with certain brain functioning, we may notice it more or have a rougher time with memory than others.

What’s happening is, as our hormones change with age, there’s often a direct hit to our brain functioning.


Because of the drop in estrogen levels.When that happens, our brain just doesn’t function as well.

That does not mean you are developing dementia,though if you are super concerned or if you’re struggling terribly, it is best to consult with your health care provider.

What experts in this area suggest(read the work of Dr. Patricia Quinn) is to talk to your OB/GYN to see if hormone therapy might be helpful. Doctors assume that increasing one’s stimulant will do the trick, but that isn’t always the case.

Also, try to simplify your life.When there’s too much going on, too much stress, too many responsibilities, it makes (obviously) your brain work harder. So now is the time to consider making some changes in your life.

Hope this helps!

– Terry


Cindy, from Cleveland, OH asks:

Dear Terry,

I have anxiety along with my ADHD. My doctor wants to put me on medication, but what should I take? Meds for both?

Hi Cindy,

Though I am not a medical doctor, I have heard from medical professionals that usually (but not always), the symptoms that are most problematic are targeted first. So if your anxiety, say, is keeping you away from social events or affecting your work, etc., your doctor may want to start you on a med for anxiety. However, many with ADHD are anxious *because* of their untreated ADHD. So your doctor may elect to treat the underlying ADHD first. Sometimes, the anxiety lifts, but in many cases, meds for both conditions will be needed.

Hope this helps!


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