How Not to Lose it During the Holidays
Terry’s 12 Tips for Staying Calm  

Cooking, entertaining, socializing, planning, cleaning the house for guests, cleaning up after guests, purchasing gifts, wrapping gifts, stressed out moms, dads, kids…the list goes on.

It’s not easy, is it? A time for joy? Not always.

We read over and over again how we need to follow these three Self-Care necessities:

Healthy diet
Good sleep

But if you have ADHD, these are far too vague, and far from easy to accomplish. And we HATE hearing the same suggestions over and over. Here are some of my tips. Feel free to print this out… and add your own ideas at the bottom.

  1. Plan a short getaway after the holidays. As you slug through the many to-dos to plan and execute your holiday festivities, you’ll know that you’ll have time to catch your breath and feel revitalized.
  2. Let yourself say “no” to any demands that don’t work for you. You’re a guest? And asked to bring a side dish? If that puts you over the edge, say: “I’d love to bring something – side dishes aren’t my area of strength, but I would love to bring (fill in the blank). If that still puts you on edge, offer to pick up something ready-made. Note: no guilt allowed.
  3. See it coming and have a plan. For example: if you know your kids are going to act up, maybe because they are over-stimulated and sleep-deprived, set up a corner in a room with some activities like coloring books, videos, board games, etc.

    If Uncle Roger finds it humorous to tell off-color jokes, have a talk with him beforehand- gently say you love how he adds to the festivities, but you’re uncomfortable with his flavor of humor (and if there are kids around, you have a great reason to ask him to hold back).
  4. Feeling totally stressed to the point of a black-out or giving someone a black eye? Give yourself an intervention. Try this:
  5. Sit in a dark room and deep breathe. If you know or want to learn to meditate, all the better. Can’t sit still? Try Yoga, stretching, etc.
  6. Take a brisk walk/ take the dog.
  7. Dance. Turn up the music and let er’ rip.
  8. Carve out “me” time– work on your hobby. Read.
  9. Write! Yes, you can write! Jot down what is bothering you the most right now. Ask yourself: what would make you feel better?
  10. Take a step back– are you taking on too much? Ask for HELP!
  11. Take a warm bath.
  12. Fill in the blanks here– what soothes your nerves? You know best!

Got some self-care tips of your own to share? Please drop a comment below in the comment section.

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