School is in full swing, now and more than ever, your child with ADHD or other difficulties could be struggling academically and socially. Now is the time to watch for warning signs. Is he more irritable than usual? That could be a sign of feeling overwhelmed or even symptoms of depression or other mood disorders.

Are his sleeping habits changing? Staying up later than usual? Going to bed earlier? Eating more or less? How is his social life? Is he keeping things in balance?

Children and adults with ADHD are susceptible to co-morbidities such as mood disorders, anxiety, substance abuse and more. With the stress of school, it’s more important than ever to check in and take his psychological “temperature.”

Contact his teachers to see how he’s adjusting to the new year. Talk to him. If you have concerns, call his pediatrician and start there. Consider consulting with a child psychologist/psychiatrist. Perhaps meds need tweaking, too.

Don’t wait until parent/teacher conferences or report cards. Be a vigilant and active parent.