Terry Matlen Dr Ned Hallowell

My dear friend, Dr. Ned Hallowell, invited me as his guest two weeks in a row, on his fabulous podcast,Distraction“, where we talked about Women with ADHD and answered listeners’ questions.

Click here for Part 1:  http://i.crnradio.com/s2ep37486
Click here for Part 2:

What did we talk about?

Part 1: Hormones, toxic relationships, social isolation and much more, including lots of Q/A.

Part 2:
Diagnosis, depression, migraines, estrogen levels, executive function, chemotherapy, and heightened sensitivities.

…..and more Q/A!

WHEN? Anytime!
Online on Ned’s Distraction Podcast.

Click the links below to listen:

Part l:  http://i.crnradio.com/s2ep37486
Part 2: