Father’s Day comes and goes and we survive that well. We have carry out food. I am proud of myself for buying the gifts and cards two days in advance instead of the day of the event and even happier that I didn’t misplace them. We return home from Father’s Day Dinner to find that the a/c has died. Of course, our spring has been awfully cold and wet out here, so at first I wasn’t too bothered. Until I checked the weather forecast for this coming week and saw that we’re going to be hit by our first major heat wave of the season- temps in the 90s.

Did I mention we have no air?

The heating/cooling guy arrives to assess the problem. It must be a big problem because he’s here the entire day and still needs to bring in a second opinion guy.

Finally, the moment we’re all waiting for. Unfortunately my husband’s not here to interpret the lab findings for me.

This is what I hear:

Mrs. Matlen, the coil is hooked to the other unit and that’s not good because the old unit is not efficient and besides we don’t know if you’re under warranty because the new unit is only 3 years old and that should be under warranty but as this coil was pulled from the old unit and oh…do you have a crawl space? Cuz if you do, I’ll be able to see just where that coil is hooked up to. I’ll be right back. Ok, I’m back. Bad news. The last guy that worked on this used the old coil from the old unit and put it on the new unit. And oh, the compression blew out so I have to see if the whole unit is kapoot or if we can save it. But y’know, I have to check that other coil. Which by the way is spurting out your cold air into the crawl space and that’s a waste of energy. So I’ll have Mike come out and he’ll give you the options, there. But hmm…we should check out this whole thing cuz the other compressor, well that might be bad. We just don’t know. Whoever put that other coil in made a mess of things and y’know, it’s not cost-effective now cuz you’re losing cold air. And probably heat, too, in the winter. So if the old coil is no good, that’ll cost about $1,500. Unless the new coil is under warranty, in which case you have a few options.

Then I hear what I call the “blah blah blahs” because he’s lost me and I’ve given up.

Do you want me to go over the options with you, Miss?”

Do you ever wonder if it’s your ADHD that makes every day life confusing to you? Or do some people actually follow these kinds of conversations and make sense of them?

It’s hot. I’m heading to the mall. Remind me to pick up a fan.