I haven’t been writing recently. Why? Because my entire household is turned upside down by plasterers, painters, floor re-finishers, plumbers, and more. Last year, our house sustained a lot of damage due to back to back ice storms, with water draining down the walls, through windows and cabinets and landing on the floor. Not just in one room- in just about every room.

So it was time to call in the disaster team.

Which meant that I had to, for starters, pack up my entire home office and remove all the contents into another area. And that was just one room.

You know that when ADD is in the picture, dealing with moving, organizing, changing routines, etc. is nothing short of a semi emotional meltdown. Well, all of these things really threw me off.

There was one benefit from all of this- we had to vacate the house for 18 days in order for the floors to be repaired, so I went to Florida. Twice, in fact.

However, all the stress and physical efforts took its toll on me and I ended up with an injured back for most of my time in Florida.

So what does that have to do with Passover?

We returned two nights before the holiday. I was so swept up with the insanity of my life that I… forgot. For those of you who are not Jewish, imagine your life being so hectic that you forgot that Christmas was in two days. Yep.

Sometimes you just have to laugh. <wry grin>