Not Getting the Proper ADHD Treatment? Read This.

This is a follow up of last month’s article, “I Can See Clearly Now”, which you can read here.

Since writing that piece, I’ve since had my second eye operated on after two weeks of fuzzy eyesight, with one eye seeing well, and the other…well…not well at all.

Life was unbalanced, both physically and emotionally. I was unsteady and dizzy. Emotionally, I was anxious: what if I’d made the wrong decision getting these trifocal artificial lenses? What if I’d never see well enough to navigate through my day, which (like basically everyone else in the world), relies on good, healthy eyesight- something I hadn’t had in decades?

I’m a “what if” kind of person. And it’s commonly seen in ADHD because of all the dramatic repercussions we’ve had throughout our lives when we’ve had our missteps, embarrassments, “failures”, and more. We tend to look at the molehill and see a mountain. A glass half full. So…we worry. Or develop a full-blown anxiety disorder.

Now that I have two eyes working well together, I am amazed. Just amazed.

I missed out on so much of my visual life. I couldn’t see the details, like the textures and colors of my environment. I avoided reading because it meant searching for reading glasses that made me dizzy when I’d look up or around.

I missed out on many details of living, period.

Which made me think- again- of ADHD and how we miss out on so much, especially when we’ve not been adequately treated for it. And believe me, when people reach out to me- and many many do- that is the story I hear: I’m not getting the proper treatment for my ADHD (if any); no one understands me, and my life is a mess.

I get it even more now that I’ve gotten my vision back.

Every day, I pinch myself. I wake up and can see the clock a foot away from my head. I can pick up the newspaper and read. I can go into the drugstore and browse through the greeting cards, without fumbling for my reading glasses.

I can read tags on my clothes and know how to wash them. I can read prescription labels. What? You’re supposed to take thyroid meds in the a.m, not p.m? Oh boy.

I can read recipes and follow them. Ok, I lied. I can read the recipe but often don’t quite follow the directions as written: I’m still distracted and easily get thrown off course in the kitchen. And sometimes, I don’t WANT to see the final results of my meandering cooking ways.

What am I trying to say?

Your life is worth living to the fullest. You don’t need to keep struggling and suffer because you aren’t optimally treated for your ADHD (and in most cases, your co-morbidities, such as anxiety, depression, etc.).

Take that leap of faith and stand your ground. Use your tenacity (most of us with ADHD don’t let go until we find our answers) and goodness gracious, get the help you need!

Speaking of which, watch for the launching of my new ADHD Directory. My goal is to have listings of ADHD-savvy clinicians from all over the world, so you can find the help you need and deserve. I will let you know when that happens. (There is no cost to you, so no excuses for not using it!).

Until then, be kind to yourself. Get your eyes checked, meaning your ADHD checked, and let’s wake up together. Ok, that sounds a little weird, but you know what I mean!

Is your life out of focus due to a misdiagnosis or inadequate treatment for your ADHD? Do your clinicians understand you and your needs? Tell me your story by posting in the comment section below.

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