It happened again.

I took my mother and daughter out for the day, to an antique show. The place was packed with curious, interesting objects and loads of people. Within 10 minutes, I bumped into someone I knew. Or…thought I knew. She certainly knew ME:

“Terry! It’s so great to see you- how are you?”

I go into immediate pinball bouncing face and name retrieving mode. She sure looks familiar, but from where? If I can’t remember who she is, how can I possibly know her name? How in the world does she know mine??

Her face is covered in a huge smile, which slowly fades as she realizes I have no clue who she is. I stammer…

”You look so familiar- forgive me, but… how do I know you?”

I see the familiar jaw tension, meaning I’ve displeased yet another person due to my ADD memory black-out.

“I’m Kay Dubrowski! We went to elementary school together!!”

Whew. I’m out of the woods, since I’ve been out of elementary school for over 40 years. Certainly she’d understand that anyone might not recognize a schoolmate after all those years!

I smile and burst out- “KAY! How’ve you BEEN all these years?? It’s been so….long!”

The smile doesn’t return to her face as she mutters: “Well, we did have that mini reunion, just the 5 of us, two years ago at the deli….”

My cheeks began to burn as I stumbled through my introductions- “Um…meet my mom and my daughter, er…it’s great seeing you AGAIN…er…”

How many times has this happened to you? What did you say to get out of the situation gracefully? Tell me below in the comment section cuz certainly I can’t be the only one with name/face ADD amnesia!