Less than two weeks until Christmas. Let me guess:

  • You’re freaking out because you haven’t purchased all your gifts, yet.
  • You’re having houseguests and your house isn’t ready. In other words, you have boxes, socks, books, papers piled up. Everywhere.
  • Your Christmas cards haven’t been addressed or stamped. Or purchased.
  • You caught a cold and are now way behind, in general.
  • You could slap yourself in the face for offering your home for the big dinner.
  • You’re not talking to half of your family and your stomach is already churning, thinking about seeing them at the dinner table.

Having ADHD means that “normal”-whatever that means- activities that others seem to enjoy, basically… FREAK YOU OUT. What we often don’t remember is that even GOOD things can cause a lot of stress. Like holidays. Family gatherings. Cooking. Buying gifts.

Did you know that you have choices?Did you know that you aren’t forced to do the things you THINK you should be doing? Did you know that you can make your own rules?

I’m keeping this shortbecause I hope to keep your attention long enough to make yourselves a promise: what can you do differently this year that will help you manage your stress levels better?

Write your idea(s)in the comment section below.

Let’s see if you can come up withone thing you can do differently from years before. Have fun with this, because if you do, you’ll have fun during the holidays, too. Extra points for your creative ideas!