Do you like to travel but hate and I mean, really really hate preparing for trips? I’m leaving town in a few days and generally, it takes me a week to get it all together: choosing outfits, making sure everything is taken care of while I’m away, then the actual packing. Ugh. So instead of writing my bi-weekly blog, I’m instead going to share with you two articles from that quoted me heavily. They’re about organizing myths and ADHD. Isn’t that a hoot? Here I am, all flustered as I try and get myself ready, and yet, I can quote boldly all kinds of helpful tips. Ready or not, check them out below.  Now where’s my umbrella….?

 ADHD and Adults: 3 Myths About Getting Organized

Below, ADHD experts set the record straight on three stubborn myths about organizing — and what works instead.

1. Myth: You should handle paper only once.

Fact: “I cannot count how many times I’ve read or heard about this so-called life-saver of a technique for getting and keeping things organized,” said Terry Matlen, MSW, ACSW, a psychotherapist and ADHD coach.

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3 More Myths About Organizing for Adults with ADHD

Recently, we shared several common myths about organizing when you have ADHD. The problem with myths is that they stall your progress and steer you in the wrong direction. You might wonder why a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t working for you. And you might resign yourself to believing that you’ll never get organized.

But as an adult with ADHD, you may need to try different strategies and approaches. You may need to switch up strategies more often because the novelty wears off.

Below, ADHD experts share three more organizing myths along with what does work.

1. Myth: You’d be organized with the right storage.

Fact: “Magazine articles [rave] about the fabulous storage containers you have to have if you want to get organized,” said Dana Rayburn. Rayburn is a certified ADHD coach with group and private coaching programs. She helps guide ADHD business owners and professionals to get organized and manage time so they can live more successful and effortless lives.

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What’s your take on ADD and organizing? Share your thoughts (and tips!) below.