Queens of Distraction – Frequently Asked Questions

  I’ve purchased a membership. What happens now?

You will receive a welcome letter from either Terry (terry@addconsults.com) or Colleen (colleen@addconsults.com). You can email Colleen any time for support questions. 

The letter covers what goes on in the group, but here are some important things to remember: 

1) If you signed up for the membership with a different email address from your Facebook email, that may result in you not getting the invitation. Simply let us know and we’ll send the invitation to your Facebook email address. 

2) 99% of activities take place right on the Facebook Group Page. The exception to this is when we have an event on Zoom or a similar platform. 

3) We do our best to respond to emails promptly. However, emails sent on weekends will be answered on Monday mornings. 

  What do I do once I get in the group?

You will be welcomed warmly by your fellow Queens. The activities are posted and you can always ask your sister Queens for support along with myself and/or Colleen. You can send an email to terry@addconsults.com or colleen@addconsults.com 

  Are all the memberships recurring?

Yes! Memberships will auto-renew at the end of your six-month membership so you don’t have to remember to renew. 

  What if I don’t want a recurring membership?

 If you do not want to automatically renew, simply let us know. If there is a price increase and you want to renew, you’ll have to let us know before your six months are up. 

  I received the link to join and now it says the link is expired. What do I do?

Unfortunately, this seems to be a Facebook quirk that we can’t quite figure out. If this happens to you, please email us and we will tell you the next steps to get you into the group. 

  Where will I find the scheduled meetings?

Meetings such as the Procrastinator’s Workshop( Wednesday at 12:00 PM EST, but you can participate at any time) and Thursday Night Chat 9:00 PM EST, takes place right on the group page, (note: you will given the invitation to the page after your membership purchase). They are text-based and the thread will be posted/pinned at the top of the page. 

  What is a thread?

A thread is simply a discussion that takes place on the Facebook group page. The reason threads are so important is for the ease of the group member to be able to read over the discussion.

  What do you mean by something being pinned at top of the page?

Our group is very active, and many discussions take place throughout the day. By using the Pinning feature, it allows the scheduled meetings to appear at the top and makes it easier for everyone to find. 

  Can you show meet an example of what the thread will look like?


Hello Queens! The Procrastinator’s Workshop meets today from noon EST – 1 pm EST. Here’s how PW works: 

Since this is a very action-oriented session to help you get started and finished, you will simply post what your task is that you want to work on for the hour. Once you’ve

posted, off you go to get started. No need or time to discuss- just roll up your sleeves and head out! 

But don’t forget to return at 1 pm EST to post your progress (what went right or what didn’t go so well). I will return at 1 pm briefly as well to check in on your progress, but you are free to hang out with your fellow Queens to chat for as long as you like after check-in. Remember: the Royal Palace is open 24/7 to connect with your fellow Queens! 

Not sure what you want to work on? Here are some suggestions: 

– Laundry – Pay bills – Return phone calls – Make doctor appointments – Plan dinner – Clean out a junk drawer – Start a work-related project – Organize photos 

See you here at noon EST! 

This is an example of the graphic you will see with the Procrastinator’s Workshop:

Please note this will be posted by either Terry or her assistant, Colleen. Thursday Night Chat will look like this: 


Hellooooo Fellow Queens! This is where we will be having our chat tonight at 9 pm EST. Our topic tonight will be:

** (fill in the blank) ** 

* We will pause every 15 minutes so everyone can catch up with the conversation. I will prompt you by saying GROUP PAUSE ** 

See you at 9 pm! 

Here is an example of a graphic you may see with the Thursday Night Chat: 

  What happens if I can’t make it to the designated times for the Procrastinator’s Workshop or Thursday Night Chat?

We realize that due to time zones, work, children, school, etc., not everyone can make it to the events. Luckily, since most are text-based chats, you can access them anytime. With the Procrastinator’s Workshop, you pick a time that works for you and post your project. Many of our Queens go back and reference the Thursday Night Chats. 

  What’s an accountability partner?

Have you ever wanted a cheerleader in your corner? Or perhaps you just need someone to ask, “How is that project coming along?” Maybe you need someone to suggest breaking down a project into smaller sections. That’s an accountability partner.

  How do I get an accountability partner? Does it have to be the same person every time?

Simply post something that says, “I need an accountability partner.” Your sister Queens will answer. You do not need to have the same partner each time. Why? Queen Annie might be an excellent taskmaster, but you need a time management partner, so that may require Queen Barbie. 

  What do I do if I feel like I am being picked on by another Queen?

Well, that would be a first, never in our 8 years has this happened, but if it did you would simply email us and we would promptly address us.

  Can my friends, employers or family members see any of my posts in the group?

 Absolutely not! This is a private group. Even if someone who is not a member searches for The Queens of Distraction, nothing comes up. It is also a rule of the group that no post/comment should be shared outside the group. 

  I think I lost my schedule for Queens of Distraction. What do I do now?

 Never fear! A duplicate copy is here! See below: 


*Note: We meet on The Queens of Distraction Group page.

All live meetings are text-based. All scheduled meetings will be pinned to the top of the page for easy access. On occasion, we meet via Zoom, but you will be notified when those meetings occur (and you can choose to keep the camera off). 

If you are in a different time zone or otherwise not able to attend live, the posts remain on the page for you. You can either add your comments to the group post or start your own thread. 

Monday: Monday Madness To-Do List Assignment 

You will receive one clear, short, doable task to start your Monday off on a productive foot. No decisions, no waffling. Just get the assignment, get it done, and have a confident Monday. Of course, if you’d prefer to tackle something different instead, feel free to do so! Your fellow Queens will be there to cheer you on and share a celebratory five minutes with their royal feet up. 

What you need to do: 

Check into the Queens Facebook page and look for our Monday To-Do List thread, pinned at the top of the page. You will get your assignment every Monday morning or late Sunday night. Once you’ve completed it (you have the week to do it!), feel free to post your accomplishments, within that thread so the Queens can cheer you on. 

Wednesday: Procrastinator’s Workshop 

Spend one hour a week with the group to focus on a nagging task that’s been hanging over your head. You pick what’s bugging you most or let me guide you so you don’t get stuck on a wheel-spinning session of indecision. It’s always more fun to work together, so join your fellow Queens and celebrate your accomplishments!

What you need to do: 

We meet at noon (EST) on Terry’s Queens of Distraction Facebook page to focus on a nagging task that’s been hanging over your head. Need to file papers? Make phone calls? Get started on a project? You pick what’s bugging you most or let me guide you so you don’t get stuck in that ADHD spinning pit. We meet for about five minutes, then off you go to dig into your project. 

At 1 pm EST, we meet up again on Facebook to discuss your progress. It’s always more fun to work together, so join your fellow Queens and celebrate your accomplishments! 

Thursday Night Chats with Terry 

Spend an hour with Queen Bee Terry and your fellow Queens online chatting about all things ADHD. We have a new topic to discuss every week. Get help when you need it or benefit yourself and others by offering help. Unplug from the world that doesn’t get it (or get you) and connect with a group of women who get it for a royally good time. 

What you need to do: 

Check into Terry’s Queens of Distraction Facebook page at 9 pm EST for an hour of live (text) chat with Terry. Relax and enjoy the comradery of being with other women who understand your experience of living with 

ADHD. Though we try to stay on task with the topic of the evening, wellwe do all have ADHD, including me! You can ask me questions about ADHD, share your experiences, and lend your own expertise and tips. We all learn a lot from each other! 

Sunday Accountability Club

Every Sunday is the Accountability Club where you can post projects for the coming week that you’d like to work on. This helps to clear your thoughts, set up a plan, and hold yourself accountable. 

What you need to do: 

Check for a pinned post later in the day/early evening with instructions on how to post your short (3-5 items) to-do list for the week. Feel free to return throughout the week with updates on your progress. 


  • 24/7 Online chat support: Our Facebook group is always open, so in those moments when you need a lift, you can come on over and get a quick pick-me-up. Just head over to our Facebook page and see who is hanging out. Meet new friends! Get/give needed support. Share stories and tips!
  • Feeling stuck on something? Start your own thread asking for an Accountability Partner, so you can work together on the projects of your choice, allowing you to check in on each other and support each other as well. Open 24/7.
  • Watch for daily pop-up Pomodoro sessions. Members often post a daily 20 -minute session, broken up into smaller chunks of time to help you get things done.

***Note – A copy of this schedule can also be found on the Facebook Group page. It can be found here. If for some reason the hyperlink does not work, you can find it under the “More” tab at the top of the page under files. See the screenshot below: 

Image #1 – Where to find the More Tab on the Queens of Distraction Group page.

Image #2- Where to find the files on the Queens of Distraction page. Image #3 – The files page.

  Do you ever have Thursday Night Chats on Zoom?

As a matter of fact, starting in April 2021 the last Thursday of the month will take place on Zoom.  You’ll be getting an email reminder.  A minimum of 4 people are needed to meet on Zoom, you will be informed where the meeting will take place the day of the chat.

  What time do events take place?

Monday Assignments:  Posted Sunday Nights and this can be done anytime within the week.

Procrastinator’s Workshop: Wednesdays at Noon EST (Remember, you can do this at any time that is convenient for you).

Thursday Night Chat: Thursday’s at 9:00 PM EST

Accountability Partner: 24/7 anytime you need a partner you can post for help.

Sunday Night Unmoderated Chat: 9:00 PM EST

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