PennyPlease read this note from my colleague, Penny Williams. Your participation could help many, many children with ADHD (and their parents):

My name is Penny Williams, I am the mom of a 12-year-old boy with ADHD, and I’ve published two books on parenting ADHD so far, “Boy Without Instructions” and “What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting ADHD.” My goal for my next book on ADHD is to help parents truly understand their child’s perspective, limitations, gifts, and view of the world. That means I have to gather what it is like to grow up with ADHD from adults with ADHD in order to succeed at this goal. This survey is the first step to learning more about being a child with ADHD. The survey will only take about 20 minutes and you can submit it completely anonymous if you’d like. Thanks for taking the time to help kids with ADHD be better understood by their parents! Here is the link: