Over the last few years, I’ve gotten to know a remarkable man- a practicing child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist named Dr. Charles Parker- who runs the sites www.CorePsych.com and www.CorePsychBlog.com.

Dr. Parker and I have had a number of discussions about medications and the general misunderstanding many physicians have in prescribing meds for their ADHD patients. I’ve been following his blog and always come away learning something new or seeing things in a new perspective that I hadn’t understood before.

Dr. Parker has just released a very important Ebook that I think everyone needs to look at. It’s called “ADHD Medication Rules: Paying Attention To The Meds For Paying Attention” and it can be downloaded from his site as an eBook HERE .

He covers unique and interesting topics, including the various things folks with ADHD tend to avoid; whether it’s intimate relationships or starting/finishing projects.

But the part I really find fascinating is his approach to understanding one’s biology and how that affects the way medications work- or don’t work. Particularly interesting is his fabulous explanation of the therapeutic window.

Do yourself a favor. Download Dr. Parker’s eBook. It just might help to point you in the right direction for getting the proper help, especially when the treatment you’ve gotten in the past simply is not working for you- or your child.

Download his book here: