Note: This is a re-print from some years back. It was so popular, I decided to share it, again. Happy Holidays to all! And please celebrate safely!

The Beatles sang “Here Comes the Sun” but everyone else is saying, Here Come the Holidays!

Women with ADHD are about to get punched in the stomach, what with all the preparations that are involved this time of year- gift shopping, cooking (and prerequisite cleaning, de-cluttering), entertaining and more.

Don’t let your mantra be, “What would Martha Do?” because Martha has no clue what it’s like for us to get through, let alone, enjoy the holidays. So in the spirit of things, I give you…

The Martha VS Terry Holiday Throw Down!

Martha: Hand cut 125 ivory notecards, personalize them with your handwritten holiday invitation and address eloquently, using hot wax monogrammed seals.

Terry Says: Keep it down to less than 15 people, buy pre-printed cards or better yet, send an eVite.

Martha: Prepare your table with a freshly ironed silk tablecloth, handwritten placards, polished silver cutlery wrapped in delicately folded napkins. Decorate with dried flowers bunched in festive ribbon.

Terry Says: Grab all the chairs you can find, push them around the kitchen table. If you don’t have enough plates and cutlery, go with plastic. Michaels is running a great sale on holiday items.

Martha: Always start at least two weeks before Christmas, planning your meal.

Terry Says: The night before your guests come, make sure you have what you need in the fridge.

Martha’s Menu:

White Crudites with Buttermilk Dip
Oysters with Mignonette Gelee
Potato Pancakes with Pink Applesauce and Creme Fraiche
Pickled Lady Apples

Creamy Winter Squash Soup with Herbed Crostini

Martha’s Classic Eggnog

White Cake with Mincemeat Filling and Glacéed Fruit
Walnut Cookies
Almond-Orange Cookies
Cranberry and Pistachio Rochers

Terry’s Menu:

Boston Market Take-out: (find one closest to you at

Roast Turkey, gravy on the side
Green bean Casserole
Apple pie

Martha: Don’t forget the thank-you notes!
Terry Says: I bought them but can’t find them!

And the Throw Down winner is…

Martha for elegance
Terry for ADD-friendly

Vote for your favorite! Just post your choice in the comment selection below.

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