Last week was rough at the Matlen residence. My sweet mother, who turns 89 next month, had emergency surgery. She came through it just fine, thank goodness. But I’m not sure I did. The stress of worrying about her, managing her care in the hospital, keeping her calm, all while making sure her little dog was cared for….and running my own household with a daughter who needs constant supervision…was tough!

So to practice what I preach, I am taking some days off to take care of me. I’m at our little lake house in Canada doing absolutely nothing (well, I’m writing this!), so today’s newsletter is brief (maybe you like it that way!!).

I’ve decided to share some products and services that I think are helpful for women with ADHD. For full disclosure, I do earn a tiny commission via Amazon for things I post here. Enough for a few cups of coffee. And I don’t drink coffee. 

Hope you find these things useful to you.

 Big Skinny Wallet 


I have owned this wallet for at least 5 years and it’s still holding up perfectly. It holds tons of cards, bills, change and still folds flat. I don’t know how, but it does! Choose your color.

Check it out HERE.

Birthday Date Lock


Afraid you’ll forget your combo? Simple! Use your birthday!

Check it out HERE

Smart Shaker Bed Alarm


Can’t wake up in the morning? Place this under your pillow, set your Smart phone and it’ll shake you awake.

Check it out HERE

  Tile: Track your Stuff!


Attach Tile to anything you’re apt to misplace and locate it via your smart phone.

Check it out HERE

Divider Sticky Notes

Divider Sticky Notes

Great for planners, textbooks, summer reading and more.

Check it out HERE

Boogie Board LCD Tablet


Used in the Matlen house for notes and phone messages. When you’re done, just push a button and it erases itself!

Check it out HERE

Desk Organizer


Ready to get your desk in order? This fits the bill!

Check it out HERE

 Ladder of Years, by Anne Tyler


Ever fantasize about running away from it all and starting a new life in a new town? One of my favorites by this author.

Check it out HERE

The Queens of Distraction (online group coaching with me, Terry Matlen)

Terry 3 Queens


 Join me and the other Queens of Distraction online in a private, secret room where we Get Things Done!