I generally hate New Year’s resolutions because 99% of the time, they do nothing but set you up for failure and six weeks into the New Year, you feel like crap about yourself.
Keep in mind that many of us are in crisis mode with COVID concerns. This is the time to be gentle on ourselves, to recognize how much energy we are using JUST to feel safe from getting ill, let alone all the anxiety we’re feeling over the loss of loved ones, lost income, figuring out child care for our kids, loss of connections, and oh…so much more. I really think we all need a group hug (virtual!).
To lighten the tone a bit, read my list of New Year’s Resolutions, below. The ADHD way.

Terry’s Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I will look down at my shoes before leaving the house.
  2. I will check the pantry before accidentally buying an 11th jar of Ketchup.
  3. When I cannot find my reading glasses, I will first pat the top of my head before spending 20 minutes searching for them.
  4. I will clean my oven before the holidays next year so that when my daughter opens the oven to heat up her pizza, she doesn’t quizzically ask me why there’s smoke billowing out into the kitchen (yes, this did happen to me). 
  5. I will not wait until the day before my daughter’s sleep meds run out to get a refill…because I will forget and we will all be up the entire night until I remember to get to the drugstore.
  6. Next time I lose my keys, I’ll first look in the freezer before calling a family Code Blue.
  7. I will make an appointment with my hairdresser before my roots reach my shoulder.
  8. I will read my email more carefully before hitting delete, so I won’t have to embarrass myself for the no-shows at doctor appointments and important meetings. Oh yea…and the bills that are due. Or over-due.
  9. I will throw away all those post-it notes from last year, so I don’t make appointments with my retired doctors, buy that weird ingredient for that recipe I never made, or call my new mail carrier by the wrong name…the one who, sadly, passed away 11 months ago.
  10. I will throw away all those little dented, expired cans of spices dated 2008-2020.                                       

What’s on YOUR list? Please post your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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